Thursday, May 17, 2012

Do you go "Treasure Hunting"? We love garage sailing....

 So, I have been meaning to post a new weekly post all about how we love garage sailing/treasure hunting in this household and try to go every Saturday. It is such a fun adventure, we meet Grandma and then always have lunch out with her.

  At first I didn't want Ana to have anything "used" as I knew she was going to be an only child and deserved to have beautiful new clothes, toys, etc. BUT and this is a big but, then I realized all of the beautiful things you can find that are gently used or even still have the tags on them and it felt silly to buy everything new at stores or online. And wasteful.  I know that I am guilty of being  an over consumer and collecting things, and gorgeous clothes for Ana is no exception.  But how could I pass up dresses and outfits that are in perfect condition for $1 or $2 a pop??

  Bet you want to see what we find huh? It is so fun to find that special treasure for her, I get giddy when I find a new sundress from The Gap, or a cute outfit from Children's Place, and that rare boutique piece. Also, we have been lucky with beautiful toys as well.  Here are just a few things we have found recently:
 $2 at a Church/Nursery School Sale


Modern Dollhouse from KidKraft

$15 at a yard sale in Pleasant Valley


Step 2 Horse in Blue  $2
 Yard Sale in Maryland (while visiting friends)


Little Tikes Castle Slide  $5 at Church Sale. We have found lots of  Little Tikes Cars as well, Ana has two of them including her cute Black Pickup Truck.

Just wait until you see all the cute clothes we have found too!!  Do you hit up sales? What have you found?

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