Thursday, May 24, 2012

Daily Diet (Wed and Thursday), Mommy Meltdown Workout 2

  Though most of  Tuesday my muscles ached (especially my shins, which I did not properly stretch out or warm up I guess), by Wednesday's class at the Mall, I was raring to go.  How hard could a Stroller Strides class in the Mall be (I thought foolishly).?? Boy oh Boy, by the end of the hour, my clothes were soaked, my legs aching again and even my arms were shaking.  I was lagging behind on the final lap, but I feel stronger already, and I have a feeling in a month I will be able to get through the entire class at 100% and do my lost 1 and a half minute plank with no shaking.  My plank is still pretty strong, so my abs are there, hiding under the leftover flabby mummy tummy, but my arms have weakened considerably since Rev Abs and my workout regime before Ana.  I need to strengthen them with weights and as soon as my legs catch up I will head back to Gold's Gym to do Zumba and arms on my days off from Stroller Stride.  I loved the class on Wednesday, I did push myself and I cannot wait to see the challenges that tomorrow brings.   For now I will be taking class Mon, Wed, Fri, and then Wed, Fri, Sat so we don't miss our weekly playdate every week. I don't want Ana to forget all of her wonderful new friends and Mama miss the great group of ladies I have met!

I am a day behind on my diet because I was out all day today, and went to sleep super early last night to get up this a.m so here are the past 2 days:


Blueberry Yogurt (fat free Greek)
Coffee and skim

Lunch: (met DH in the mall ) :
Salad bar at Ruby Tuesday .  I had grilled chicken (no sauce) and veggies, no butter. I gave my buttered side to DH and Ana, no bread.
Iced Tea, unsweetened

Dinner:  (friend's house):

 Raw Veggies
 Roasted veggies in olive oil
 Brown Rice

No desserts, no snacks, no cheating!!! I feel great. I got rid of the diet soda and only have one cup of coffee a day now. Let's see if I can keep that up.

Thursday (in the city for Breakfast and Lunch):

Small bowl of Kashi and skim
Coffee and skim

     Organic fruit and black tea (no sugar)
             Fresh Fruit salad (melon and berries0
            one small 1/4 of a sandwich (salmon and cream cheese smear)

   Salad with mixed raw veggies, light vinegar and oil dressing on the train

   Grilled Chicken , a tsp of bbq sauce, squash and garlic

I might have a snack of yogurt or fresh fruit while watching Real Housewives tonight, lol.

 Thanks for reading and hopefully you are inspired to eat healthier and workout more.  Will let you know how tomorrow goes :)

Stay healthy and have fun,

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