Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Daily Diet (part of Mommy Meltdown) Day 2

 Blech, it rained all day and the rain matched my mood. Still reeling from my sinus infection, my legs aching and general rainy gloom, it turned out to be an okay day , diet wise.   I hope that the workout kick starts my metabolism, which seemed to slow down drastically after giving birth. I do not know it is just hormones, nursing, or whatever but weight just seems to be falling off slowly nowadays. However, I will stick with things as long as I can, and I find success,

Daily Diet:

Breakfast: Egg white omelets with onions, peppers, jalapenos and 1/3 cup of Weight Watchers Mexican cheese and 2 pieces of lowfat turkey bacon
Coffee and skim

Lunch : Lowfat strawberry greek yogurt

Dinner:  Miso soup
              2 chicken spears (grilled, no sauce) with onions
             2 sushi rolls: jalapeno and yellowtail, spicy tuna

Not bad, I think.    I should lose about 2 lbs this week, since everything has been kickstarted. :)

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