Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Heading towards 40.


 Dear readers:
  As I head towards 40, I am super sensitive about taking care of my skin, hair and body. I eat well, use wonderful products and moisturize, moisturize, moisturize.   But what should I do for the long term? Botox? Fillers? I am not sure what the future of cosmetic surgery means for me, but I am curious about injections and other seemingly harmless ways to keep myself looking young and vibrant. I am open to all types of upkeep and am just now starting to take notice of the grey creeping in, and the wrinkles showing up. I always wear spf, a sun hat in direct sun and I avoid long days in the sun. But, is that enough? I would love your thoughts and comments on aging as I research my options.

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Heidi Eklund said...

Natural...You are gorgeous and you sure don't need anything as you are right now!

Do YOGA... Inversions are a great way to turn your skin upside down... for real. A headstand a day will keep you young!

Leave the botox for 50 years old and then re-evaluate. There's plenty of time for that.