Thursday, April 26, 2012

Goals for this blog

 Hello dear readers:
    It is always good to have goals. And if I write them down, I feel more beholden to them.  I have been searching for ways to get more readers/followers over to this blog....and if you have any ideas please share them.  So far giveaways/free stuff, cute and funny baby posts and sensible reviews seem to be a good way to attract readers...and with all of the big blogs hosting giveaways that I can join I hope to add more readers by summer.  Here are my number goals:

GFC: 303  Goal: 500
Facebook: 321 Goal : 500
Twitter: 2243 Goal 2400

I think all of my goals are quite reasonable. I am prepared to pull out the good prizes to get there! If you know of a great site to list my blog please let me know.   Have a great Thursday,

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