Wednesday, March 7, 2012

19 months and counting,where did the time go?


Hello readers:
My dear sweet baby girl, Anastasia is already 19 months and counting and I cannot believe I am planning her 2nd birthday. This year , the 2nd has been chock full of milestones and firsts and Ana is a walking, talking, running, skipping, hopping, singing and dancing fool. She loves music, singing and being silly. She loves to play with her Little People and their buildings, push her dolls in the stroller, and cook them "Ye-ho" or Yogurt for dinner. For the most part Ana pronounces all of her words correctly, but she has a hold out from babyhood, her most favorite food : Yogurt! She knows how to say it right, but just will not. And, I love her for it.
Just today I started taking note of the full sentences that Ana will say, and it is amazing to hear a 19 month old put together a sentence without prompting. We took Ana to Friendly's for a special treat of ice cream because it was warm and mild on this March day and we had a bit of spring fever. While there Ana said: " Ice cream is yummy" and "Baby is crying" about a baby across the restaurant. It was breathtaking to hear those words come out and I just know that my baby is growing up before my eyes.


Then , we took her to the park (see photos on left) and she played so nicely with the other toddlers. She never grabs for things, says "Mine" or makes others uncomfortable. She is a nice share buddy and waits her turn for the slide. I am so proud. She fills my heart everyday and I am learning so much from this little bundle of energy that I am proud to call my daughter.