Monday, January 2, 2012

Our holiday in Photos

Hello readers!!
    We had a wonderful holiday season with Anastasia, she really had fun traveling and seeing all of the family, trying new foods, and of course, opening and playing with her new presents. As she grows more and more, she amazes me through her creative play, wonderful vocabulary and cute mannerisms. She really is becoming a mini me, and we are having so much fun teaching her everyday.  I have some funny and fun videos to share, but first, photos!!!

                                        The front photo of our Holiday card this year!

                                                    The back of our Holiday Card

                               Daddy and Anastasia in Bryant Park in front of the big tree!

  I have many more, this is just a sneak peek. And, I am so excited for my photo of the day posting. My New Year's resolution to post one photo a day and watch Ana grow and thrive :) I really need to get my hand's on photo shop and start having fun with editing too.

Until then, stay well and have a great week,

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Nan said...

I think the most amazing thing about being a mother is watching them turn into unique little individuals. It also shows you that so many things are genetic no matter how hard you try to change them. LOL