Friday, October 7, 2011

A fun day in NYC with Goodskin Labs!

  Hello Dear Readers:
  As some of you know, for the past year I have been a Brand Ambassador and part of the Goodskin Labs Circle for Goodskin Labs. What does that mean?  That means I make videos, test new products and spread the news about Goodskin Labs!!

   I have been using their products for a couple of years now, and  this past year I have been lucky enough to try all of their new products including Z-Pore, which I am in love with.  Also I have been using a  top secret product that will be appearing in stores this coming January!

  Yesterday, I spent the day with the lovely ladies behind Goodskin Labs including fellow Circle member Lisa Silvera, and the Alison P.R/Beauty Bank team.  We had a station complete with a sizzle reel where we told the visiting bloggers and magazine editors (Vogue, Allure, O etc) all about our experience with Goodskin and especially their newest products!


  It was super fun, and although Ana was not far from my mind at all times, it gave me a chance to get away from the country, back into the city spirit and energy.  Also, they had some great treats (did you check out the colorful macarons??)  By the time the last group was leaving I was exhausted and headed home to my sweet sleeping baby!

    I will definitely let you know all about the new product when I can..and will link any stories about Goodskin here.  I was invited to represent them for a second year, and there will be a lot of activity on Facebook with video testimonials and fun! Hopefully, I can host a giveaway or two too!

 Happy Autumn....and now is the time to start taking care of your skin, if you have been remiss~~!! No time like the present.

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