Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Great wins vs Bad wins

Hello Dear readers:

  I didn't want to have to post this post and it may piss some people off. Too bad, this is my blog and this is how I feel. I spend a lot of my free time entering giveaways via facebook and blogs. I love this hobby, it is fun, relaxing and on the off chance of a win, can be exciting.  The downside?? Chasing down wins.  I hate it. I am not a beggar. I do not like annoying people over and over.  Why is it so hard to follow through with an item that one has offered to win. And, why does this happen over and over??

   I wait patiently for the win to arrive and after a few weeks I follow through and remind the sponsor/crafter/maker/offerer with an email or private message that the item has still not arrived. I have gotten the run around, told it is lost in the mail (over and over), and heard every excuse in the book.  I know that these are items that are offered for free, and that I should consider myself lucky that I win in the first place, but really, it is not nice. Please do not sponsor or offer up an item to win if you have no intention of mailing it or following through.

 I know I am not the only one out there that feels this way, and it irks me to no end. If I sponsor a giveaway, I follow through and that is the final story.   I have the right mind to make a list here and then try to get a response from the sponsor's , to defend their actions. What do you think???



Toystory said...

Phew. I hope by posting you've released some of that tension.

However I feel the same way.

AND I understand things happen which no one intended and delays might then follow.... but it happens way to often to be real in my opinion.

It's much better in my opinion when the sponsor sends the prize, altho that too can go awry (and has for me), but it's less often than when the blog owner has to shell out the $$ for the postage. Postage is not cheap and all those packages are also not getting lost in the USPS!

When a blog owner gave me the run around, I did contact the sponsor, sent my winning email and what was promised (by link to actual giveaway blog post)... they were super nice and replaced the items.

Why couldn't the blog owner do this for me? I haven't a clue. They (in my opinion) are not interested enough in YOUR prize. They wrote it up, and earned their "take", and for them it's over.

NOT everyone is this way.... it's the few that make the rest look bad.

Nan said...

I have just about quit entering because of the hassle. I agree with you, I realize it is something free but whatever happened to trusting a person's word. I know that there are pages I will never do business with and I will tell others my experience. I would rather them tell me they are not going to send it because it cost them too much to make or ship than to give me the run around. There are several I just quit even trying to contact but trust me when I see them offer something in a giveaway I tell the page owner my experience.

Susan said...

Hey Zoe,

I totally agree! And although I've only had a couple of giveaways ~ I do my best to follow-thru and ensure my winners receive their goods asap.

With that said...not sure if you got my email this am? You WON my little giveaway!

DM me @ avagracescloset@gmail.com with your details so I can ensure delivery of your little sweetness' new headband in time for Halloween!