Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cleaning out the Baby Stuff

Hello Dear Readers:
  I am cleaning out Ana's baby stuff , and it is not easy. I want to keep everything, every last toy and baby item, as they all contain emotional attachments and are a part of Ana and the life we are building together.  But they are taking up too much room, so it is time to say goodbye to her baby swing, bassinet, and other baby toys and items.

    Since we are completely weaned now, I no longer need the pump and all of the bottles that attach to the pump, milk containers etc. I have so much stuff.  I am thinking about listing it all at the Be Green Sale that is in 2 weeks in Fishkill.

  But: I better do it soon, probably tonight! It will be bittersweet packing it all  up and trying to put a price on my sweet  baby's memories. But there are so  much more to make = and she has so many more things to discover. Every week I buy her little things to wear and play with and our journey is just beginning.

  Next week we start music class, and I am so excited to watch her sing, dance and learn about beats.  I think she is going to love the class so much!! Packing up will be bittersweet, but moving on is just sweet!

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