Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Reflections on One Year of Being a Mom

 Hello and welcome to my new blog. Since life has changed so drastically over the past year, I only found it fitting that my blog should change from its slightly vapid stance on fashion and working out, to a fun-filled adventure on being a first time mom to a clever, and beautiful one-year old girl! Over the past year, I have had fun, been challenged, and definitely been exhausted. But every day I find myself in awe of my sweet Anastasia.

I sat down on her first birthday and brainstormed all of the things that I can reflect upon that first year:

  • A little baby girl will giggle about anything and everything.
  • Ana loves to make animal noises ranging from a tiger/lion, to a dog and cat not forgetting the cows and ducks.
  • Ana has had 2 perfect teeth for the longest time in the front of her mouth, this past week, she has gotten 2 more teeth in front and has at least 2 coming in on the side. And in case you didn't know, Teething sucks!

  • She loves to pull herself up onto my computer table, the bookshelves, the baby gates, the toy shelves, and just about anything that has enough space for her little hands. She loves to walk in her walker and behind her walking car and I expect she will be walking by herself in the next month or so!! And then, I am in real trouble.

  • Also, She has just enough hair for one long ponytail on the top of her head, which looks adorable. (Photos coming soon). Also, since I cut bangs, she can wear clippies and not look too raggedy Ana.

  • Ana has such determination, she will reach for things, climb for things and keep at it until the desired object is hers. Is this stubborn determination like her mommy?

  • and most of all I love her sweet voice when she sings lullabies in her crib with mommy, the way she nuzzles my neck when she is tired, how she says "I Love You" back , kisses mirrors and her baby-dolls, babies in books and says mmmmm when she kisses mama and daddy. She is such a sweet baby and I hope she will always kiss me good night.
  • There are so many more stories and cute things she does, But I want to leave some for photos and separate blogs.

Happy First Birthday my sweet love, my sweet Anastasia. I hope this 2nd year of life will bring you all of the joy and discovery that the firt one did.

Stay tuned for a quick giveaway and some cute photos...and have a great Wednesday!!

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