Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Reflections on 8 months of being a Mom!!

Hello dear readers:
  8 Months?? Is it possible that my little sweet baby is already 8 months old?? I blinked and time flew by. In this short time, I have learned some amazing things about babies. And myself. I never knew if I was cut out to be a mom, much less a good mom... But, I love my little Ana more than anything, and her smile and laugh are what get me through the day. Here are my reflections on the first 8 months. And yes, I have already started to plan her first bday. We are having a fairy garden party, and I am going to host a virtual bday party here too!

Reflections on the first 8 Months!:
  • Babies do smell that good. I can sniff her neck for hours.
  • Baby Poop does not smell that badly. I have a sensitive nose, and really, there are far worse scents.
  • Mama and Dada are Ana's first words. Amazing. (Although, I cannot seem to catch her saying them on video)
  • Ana has grown so fast, she has not been able to wear all the ridiculously cute dresses and shoes that she has. (boo-hoo)
  • Nursing did get easier. Now, it is just part of my routine.
  • I am super talented at one-armed everything.  Ana on the left hip, and ready to go!
  • Pureed veggies and fruits look gross, but taste good. The yobaby with green beans and pears, a little weird though.
  • I am a big goofball when it comes to making Ana giggle, I will resort to pretty much anything. Rolling on the floor, sticking my tongue out, silly dances, anything.
  • Baby toys play a lot of music, and those songs get annoying. Making mixed cds of classical, jazz and Broadway tunes is super easy.
  • Pacifiers are a gift from a higher place. 
  • Mommy friends are hard to find.  Where are all the new Mommies in my area hiding?? 
We signed up for swim classes, Baby and Me, so hopefully we will meet some nice mommies there :)

Photos soon...Ana is getting so big. And, i cannot wait to tell you all about her cool party,
stay warm and dry (massive rain here at the moment),


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Anonymous said...

I knew you would be a wonderful mother. Post photos when you can.