Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Top 10 Mommy Products that I could NOT live without....(Part 1, 10-5)

The Top 10 Mommy Products that I could NOT live without (in no particular order) Part 1, 10-5

10) The Itzbeen Timer

I carry the Itzbeen timer from room to room, and check it constantly. It is a small timer that keeps track of diaper changes, feeding times, which breast was last used, how much time Ana has been sleeping and an extra timer for meds, or whatever you like. It comes in a couple of colors, but we have the grey one, since it was all that was available in the store. It is easy to program, has a little light and the buttons can light up in the dark too, so during that sleep deprived 4 am feeding, you will be able to read it clearly. I love it so, it really keeps me organized and on track of feedings and diaper changes. Priceless!!

9) The Boppy Pillow 

I have two Boppys, one for upstairs in the bedroom, and one I keep downstairs in the family room for my mid day and evening feedings. I love the Boppy pillows to rest Ana, and my arms while I am breastfeeding.  They are also great for propping her on my lap when my arms are tired and she has an impromtu nap. The Boppys come in various colors, and textures, both of mine are pink! One has roses, and the other tulips. (the one on the left can be found at Target).  They are super soft, have washable covers and are easy to carry from room to room, or put in the car for an outing.  Invaluable for breastfeeding.

8) Levana Monitor with Babyview 20 (night vision and lullabies included)
                                What can I tell you about a monitor that you cannot already guess. The Levana monitor is small and easy to carry, has a stand so I can place it next to the computer or on the table, and there is a button that I can press to start music up in her bassinet from wherever I am.  There is even night vision, and the camera has cute light up stars on the side.  Ana loves to stare into the camera before she falls asleep, and the camera captures her perfectly. It is easy to adjust and move, and does not get interference from our other appliances. This is not a cheap monitor, but I highly recommend it!

7) Halo Sleepsack Swaddle

 We now have two Halo sleep sacks. One was a present from the birthing center and is Micro Fleece, and we just bought a cotton sleep sack for warmer nights, and when the heat kicks on during the winter. Since babies are not supposed to sleep with loose blankets, the sleepsack is perfect. It zips up, and the swaddle has two velcro connected pieces that form a perfect swaddle. Ana loves it, and sleeps like a dream. I highly recommend these for newborns and babies who wake themselves up constantly with flailing arms.

6) Gerber Natural Flex Pink and Green Pacifiers

 I was resistant to pacifiers from the get go. I am breastfeeding, did not use a pacifier when I was a baby, and thought that they promoted problems with sucking and eventually properly growing teeth. BUT! And this is a big but, thank goodness for these Gerber pacifiers. They were recommended by our birthing center.
Ana loves to suck and since they gives her comfort, I gave in. I just have to make sure that I can take them away when the time comes. In the meantime, these Gerber pacifiers make my day easier and she loves to fall asleep with one in her mouth. Plus, when we venture out, they keep her calm and peaceful in public. And, who doesn't love a quiet baby??

5) Fisher Price My little Lamb Cradle and Swing

   This is the perfect swing. Cute, has a lot of gadgets. Plays cute music, the fabric is super soft and Ana loves it. I use the Lamby swing for naptime, play time, rest time, quiet time and any time. It curves and Ana fits into it perfectly. She loves to look up and watch the little lambs, stars and moons rotate when she is swinging or still. It is easy to hook her in, and I feel she is safe, and will not fall out. The batteries are still going, and we have been using it everyday for a few hours a day for six weeks. I love this swing, and Ana does too!!

There are many more toys, clothes and items that Ana loves (and we love too)....so stay tuned for more postings~


Unknown said...

Your daughter is such a cutey! I know I'm late, but I've been off for a while.

I will need this info in a few months. Adding this post to my bookmarks.

Thank you :o)

Anonymous said...

Anna looks very beautiful.

That sleepsack swaddle looks very comfortable.

Traveliztera said...

Awww she looks adorable!