Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Thanks to some fabulous sponsors!!! May you all have a winning week!!

I am late in thanking a bunch of sponsors, but better late than never (especially when you are 9 months pregnant, and just moved an entire household into a new house). Now that I am settled in, and know where most things are, I have bunches of thank yous. I will have to add photos later, as my photoloader is still packed somewhere!!

First, A while ago I won a fabulous MacLaren Stroller from Big City Moms on Facebook. Well, it finally arrived and it is lovely. It is also the first item for Anastasia that is NOT pink,it is racing green, so it stands out amongst her pile of baby things right now. Check it out here: Maclaren Triumph The fabulous sponsors also sent a matching bag, which will be a perfect diaper bag for Duncan: Grand Tour Messenger Bag.

Little baby Ana now has 3 strollers so she should be all set for her jetsetting around NY, and wherever we travel with her. This stroller is so nice to travel with because it is lightweight and zippy!! I love that they threw in the bag as well, nice touch!! Thanks Maclaren, and thanks Big City Moms for holding the contest!!

I also recently received 2 different cds from Baby Blanket Music, the John Mayer and Simon and Garfunkel cds. They are both so much fun, and I cannot wait to play them for Ana. The first I won from The Fashionable Bambino, a cool baby blog that I read, and the second was from Sweet Dreams contest from Natural Mat, Kushies and Baby Blanket Music on facebook!! Thanks Fashionable Bambino and Natural Mat, Kushies and most of all Baby Blanket Music.

We have some company coming this afternoon, and I have an OB/GYN appointment, so I will be back later to post more thank yous!!

Stay cool in 99 degrees,

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SassySweetChic said...

How fun! I have one enormous stroller for Blayze and it is a pain to lug around everywhere! We are in definate need of another lightweight stroller! I love the Maclaren one! It has everything you need it seems!
Oh and your birthing plan is great, I wish my doctor had actually followed mine! Or that the hospital had allowed me to walk around a little bit!