Saturday, July 31, 2010

I am a new demographic I guess for surveys, product tests etc.


Lately, I have noticed a slight change in the email, surveys and product tests that I have been receiving. Not that I am complaining, I love being an informed, opinionated consumer, who is lucky enough to put her two cents in. But, I cannot help but notice the change since I updated my profiles, and changed my info. I am a new Demographic. A mom. A 30 something mom. Mommy. Momsville. Ma. Mama.

I used to receive mostly makeup and skin products, with some cool diet foods mixed in. Now I started receiving baby products, middle a
American emails, and I just finished a survey for a breast pump company! (yikes)!

I love that a big, reliable baby company is sending me one of their new products to test for the month of August (and I get to keep it!), but I would love it if some hot lingerie, shoe or jean company would contact me too! I still want to look sexy for D, and for myself!! I haven't changed the woman inside,just because my tummy was stretched a bit. I will have to see if this continues. And if it does, I am officially starting a movement. The haute MAMA movement. Moms Are More Amazing.

So hmph.

Watch, I go check my email and have a survey for


ONE Hot Mama

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Unknown said...

Welcome to Momdom. Wait till AARP starts hunting you down at 45! Lead us past this stereotype...