Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th (a bit late) and soooooo many thank yous....

Hey all-
The weekend went by in a flash, and now that we are more settled in the new house, I have some time to relax, breathe and enjoy the new pool! Yay!

I have another doctor's appointment tomorrow to make sure everything is going well with little Ana, and see how far along she is. I hope that she comes on time, but if she is a little early, I will take that too!

I have ordered more things for her room including curtains, a cute lampshade, and some painted letters for her wall. Her room is about 50% planned and ready to go. Mom came over today to start the mural for the wall. It looks fab already, and she is just on the sketch!

I have about a zillion thank yous to shout out on here..and tomorrow I will make the list, check it twice and go through them so I do not forget everyone...for the wonderful gifties and prizes....PLUS!!!! I have my first contest coming,and it is a fabulous etsy artisan!! I cannot wait...

Stay cool, drink lots of water and follow along as I enter my last month of pregnancy :)


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