Monday, June 7, 2010

We closed!! And what a fabulous Baby Shower!!


32 weeks pregnant, at my baby shower with Megan and Rachael.                                             

Phew, it has been a hectic few days, but in a good good way! Friday we closed on our townhouse. As of 2 pm in the afternoon, we were "homeless", and moved into Mom's house in New Windsor. The closing went smoothly, and lasted about 2 hrs. There was only one tiny detail that had to be changed, and that is being taken care of. Saturday was a big blur, but mostly we went to the Chalet in Cold Spring, NY to deliver the roses, teddy bears, prizes, and table favors for Anastasia's baby shower on Sunday. After everything was finished, we went out for a nice dinner and relaxed. Mom bought a new car, so we tooled around town, checking out the ride!

Sunday was so much fun! The Chalet is really a beautiful spot, and they buffet was elaborate and decadent. We had added on the seafood platters, so there was even more than usual for their Sunday Brunch. About 50 guests and I enjoyed a warm, sunny afternoon chatting, eating, playing silly baby games, and opening presents. Boy, is this baby going to be a spoiled one. She has no idea. I have a few photos from the day, it was so lovely.

                                                                            The sheet cake

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                                            Teddy Center Piece with roses and Princess Balloon

Once we get settled into the new home, we will take photos of the wonderful gifts Ana received, including all the cute clothes.

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