Sunday, June 20, 2010

We are IN the new house!!!

pleasant valley
                    Photos are from Pleasant Valley Website.

    Greetings from lovely and bucolic Pleasant Valley, NY. We moved in last week, and are starting to settle in. Most of our things are still in boxes, but the boxes are in the right rooms, and our necessities have been located. We had a bit of a rough start with the well water, because it sat for over a month in an empty house, but after adding chlorine tablets twice, the rotten egg smell and taste has been eradicated, and we can appreciate our reverse osmosis water filtration system from Culligan Man! Cool!!

                                  (this area is full of horse farms, sooooo lovely)

    It is so quiet at night, I am loving the peace. Ok, so it is quiet during the day too, and I love how sunny and bright the house is with very few shades and curtains. I get to choose the window coverings from scratch...woohoo, it is daunting but pretty exciting to get to decorate a whole house.

I am getting pretty big, and have slowed down a bit. Today is 34 weeks, so Anastasia is a few weeks away from full-term and about a month or so away from birth! I cannot wait!! I have started making lists for my hospital bag, including getting some new cute pjs to wear for my visitors, music for before, during and after the birth, snacks, necessities, toiletries and a list for Duncan to refer to if he forgets how to keep me calm. Not that I am worried, I have my Calm Birth cd, and will have plenty of relaxing music to refer to when Ana starts to arrive.

 Still: Her nursery looms ahead, I have chosen the colors for the paint, and most of her furniture is ready for assembly and use. She is going to be such a cute little pink princess lovey dovey. I love her already.

   It is hot here today, and I am a bit grouchy after driving to Cold Spring and back to have brunch with my Dad, so I am going to make this short. I will be back with some great wins that I received, and more info and photos of ideas for Ana's room.

Until then, I will post some of the photos of our house from the Real Estate agent's original listing.
My new kitchen!!

Our family room..(not our furniture)

Happy Weekend and Happy Father's Day!!,

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Congratulations on your new house and best of luck with it.