Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Moving Out! Resting at Mom's, and some more wins!!

Well, we did it! Moved 7 years accumulation of furniture, clothes, kitchen appliances, and house stuff!! Oh, and don't forget all the stuff we had before we were married, including an 8 track player (D's), old scripts (mine), Star Wars figures (D's) and hundreds of pairs of shoes and boots (whose do you think??)

It took weeks of packing boxes a little at a time, but we did it. I finished up the kitchen last night, put my feet up and even caught a few zzz's despite the excitement. Then, at 8am this morning the Movers showed up and I left the men to do the heavy lifting (Hey, I AM 31 weeks preggers). I am at my Mom's stealing internet from the neighbors, heehee, and the pups are safely esconced in the basement, where it is dry and cool.

I am awaiting my lunch, and then will have the energy to put up some fab wins, and a great new Lotion that I am testing and will tell you all about!!

Stay cool,

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