Friday, June 25, 2010

Getting settled takes some by room.

So we are officially in the house and have started unpacking as well as getting the house in order. Right off the bat we had to have the plumber come in and fix the water, as well as the pool people to help get the pool from green swamp to blue pool. It is still green, but getting better by the day.

Also, we had to have the air conditioning guys out to look at the filters and clean the was just not getting cool in here. That has been fixed, it is now cool enough to get through the day, though I fear the entire unit (central air) will need to be replaced and upgraded in the next year or so! Phew, it is expensive moving into a new house.

I have sorted through the baby things, and have a list of which items need to be put together first. Also, have picked a small suitcase to pack with the things I will need for the hospital when Ana arrives. I am making Duncan a list to help keep me calm and comfortable when I do go into labor including positions, and massage :)

Now that I feel a bit more settled, I can concentrate on practicing my birthing method, Calm Birth, paint Ana's room a nice pale pink, hang her clothes in her big, empty closet and work on the little craft projects to decorate her room. All of her furniture has arrived and will need to be put together. Her bedding is on the way too!! I just need a fluffy pink rug and some beautiful pink or pink and white curtains and everything will look put together.

I have received a few more prizes since we moved...and will blog about them tomorrow..I was out shopping all day today and am totally exhausted!! Night world..will be chipper tomorrow


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