Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Some recent fabulous wins....

  Those who know me, know that I used to be a sweepstakes and contests addict.  Well, I took a year or so off from entering, but recently the contest bug hit me again. Taking time off from working to have a baby, and spending more time on the internet led me to some great contests, and I have won a few.  I would love to use this blog to publicly thank the sponsors, and let you know that real people DO win great things.  I only enter for prizes that I truly love and will use, and from blogs that I love read as well as sponsors who offer fabulous products!!

 The first is a fabulous King Cake to use with my book club while we read : The Crowning Glory of Calla Lily Ponder, by Rebecca Wells! I have decided to have the meeting on June 5th, and am excited to get a new book club going for the new house/move. I won the cake from: The Book Club Girl.  She has a fab blog, with lots of info on great books for your club.

 On May 4th, I won a copy of  Something about You, by Julie James from Fresh Fiction.  I received my copy, and it will be a fun book to read in my last couple months of pregnancy this summer. Light, fresh and fun.

  The third contest that I am going to tell you about (though there are more this month) is a really cool one from Subu Rose. Emily makes homemade books and every Wednesday has a really cool contest, where you come up with a word to express how you are feeling.  My winning word was preggers, and Emily sent me a really cool pink empty journal to write my baby feelings in.  It was printed with the word preggers on the outside, and was really adorable.  I cannot wait to start writing in it.  If you want to buy your own, check out her etsy shop:  Subu on Etsy.

There are some other fab wins including baby stuff and an ipad (wow)...so look for my next post soon!! Have a fabulous winning day,

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Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that you're feeling well and winning things online. :)