Thursday, May 20, 2010

More fab wins, and a very healthy week!!

  I am feeling very healthy this week. Could be that the warm, mild spring weather is agreeing with me, could be that I am feeling very pregnant and connected with Ana!  She is such a little mover and shaker already. She kicks, punches, and moves around constantly, and I love feeling her move through my tummy! I cannot wait to see her in the flesh and kiss her, sniff her, and know what her face will look like. Will she have blue eyes like her daddy? Green eyes like her mommy? Curly hair? Wavy dark hair? Will she be teeny tiny, or healthy and chubby? Easily, I can say I am impatient to find out. How do women do this over and over with all the waiting??

Anywho, I have some great blogs and prizes to tell you about. I have been a busy girl, signing up for new blogs, and finding great mommy sites to join.

   First, let me tell you about the I-pad that I won.  I could not believe it, I won after entering one contest. It was through a facebook contest, sponsored by Six Seeds.  I entered for myself and also sent it out to a few friends.  Lo and behold, three of my friends won an I-pod Touch. I love this site, and read it regularly. Check them out for great family oriented articles, reviews, news, etc. They were a fabulous sponsor, and have made me a very happy techie girl.  I have downloaded some cool apps to the Ipad, but have not realized its full potential yet! I am sure I will, especially during my hospital stay or traveling.

   I also recently won the Bradley Bayou contest at Couture in the City, a cool fashion blog/site!  The prize: $150 worth of fashion merchandise from the BB collection at QVC.  This was a surprise win, as I was not sure what would be sent. Well, I just received my prize, and it is pretty cool.  A soft, black leather jacket with zipper details found at QVC here: QVC Bradley Bayou Leather Jacket.

 A really fabulous and much needed recent win:  From Ascending Butterfly, a really cool blog: Teal Butterfly Fleurville Lexie Diaper Bag Tote !! I pretty and colorful diaper bag that will be perfect for Ana!! It is from Layla Grace, which is one of my fave sites :)

It is sooo nice inside. And  will hold all the essentials! Soon, I will know what those essentials should be, lol.

More wins coming soon.  I will be posting for the next few days.... Stay healthy and have fun in the sun,

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