Monday, May 17, 2010

Feeling great at Week 29.

I cannot believe that I am already 29 weeks into my pregnancy. It seems like time flew by, and I am in my third trimester and counting down the weeks! D and I went to our OB/GYN appointment today, and Anastasia is growing steadily and is super healthy as well as has a strong heartbeat. I cannot wait to see her little face, and kiss her toes and fingers.

D and I finished our birthing class, though I am also taking a Calm Birth class in New Paltz. Plus we are taking infant and child CPR, and a Childcare class as well as Breastfeeding.

As for our house situation, everything is moving ahead. We applied for the mortgage, and had our appraisal, we are just waiting to hear from our bank on the approval. This week or next week, we should know the status of our buyers, and hopefully (fingers crossed), be able to set the closing date.

I had really fabulous mail week with a few fabulous wins, some products to test and review and even our first baby gift!! My next few blogs will be about the cool products I was sent to review and the fabulous baby stuff that I cannot wait to use with Ana, my dear sweet baby girl.

All else is right in the world, I wish you a fabulous and healthy week,

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