Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Calm Birth, Aden and Anais and a whole bunch of baby clothes....

   Last night was my final Calm Birth class with fabulous doula, artist and erudite woman around town, Mavis Gewant. I feel so much more in control of this birth now, have the strength and knowledge to get through the contractions and breathe through any (bad word), pain.  Calm Birth is a cd led meditation that I will be listening to daily and practicing as much as possible until Ana's birth. It is beautiful, calm and peaceful and I am so lucky that it exists. Sitting comfortably in a chair, on the bed or a couch, you keep your eyes softly open and follow the guidance of a dreamy, feminine narration that takes you through visualizations and peaceful self recognition of your connection to your baby , and the women around you. It is a three part program, and if I can follow and practice, so can you. I let my mind focus on the objects, words and Ana and all of my thoughts of the day, worries, and fears disappear. It really works.  I will be using it during the birth, and letting you all know how wonderful it was to keep the physical stress level low.

  Recently, I received a fabulous package of baby items from Aden and Anais to test for the Gloss Influencers program. The package included Dribble baby bibs with baby animals, a beautiful soft swaddle wrap in Brilliant Blue, and a copy of the book:  Swaddle Love. I loooove these products. The Aden and Anais cotton muslin is soooo super soft, I cannot wait to swaddle Ana, and take lots of photos of her all swaddled up. The book comes with adorable photos and teaches proper swaddling technique so I can learn how to do it properly. I can't wait to use these all. Thanks MyGloss!!

  Yesterday, in between my doctor's check-up (my allergies are in check) and my Calm Birth Class in New Paltz, I stopped by a fellow free-cycler's house to pick-up a few gently used and new baby items. Well, lo and behold, 5 bags later, I am going through the onesies, booties, hats and tees today.... Baby Ana already has a sizable closet of mostly 6-12 months, and now will have a lot of 0-6 onesies and cute lil outfits! When I am finished with them, I will be free-cycling to a lucky mommy to be too!!

Today is a lazy around the house kind of day, packing, organizing , daydreaming, meditating and enjoying the sunshine.

  Stay Well,

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