Friday, May 21, 2010

Beautiful sunshiney day and More May Wins!!!

  I am loving these beautiful,clear May days! The sun is shining, the grass is a super cool green, and my mint and raspberry bushes are blooming away.  I cannot wait to own more land, and have a really big garden with veggies and herbs. :)

  The weekend should be pretty busy, so I am enjoying a lazy Friday, catching up on some packing, and watching the last of my recorded shows on the Tivo. I am almost done with Heroes, all caught up with Lost, have a few more CSI's, and some random Datelines and forensic shows. I am sure I will be all caught up by the time Ana arrives, in just over 10 weeks.

  Speaking of Ana, I won the coolest assortment of baby items through another cool blog: Galtime called the : 'Bonanza of Booty for The New Mom'. Included in the goodies was an amazing diaper bag which I already received, the :Storksak Kate Retro Dot Red.  It is really roomy, has amazing pockets inside, and is a nice bright color. I love it!! I can't wait until the rest of the goodies show up, and hope they make it before we move!

  Also the first week of May, I won a $50 gift-card to Old Navy from the fabulously fit: Trainer Momma blog. Mandi is a fit and trim mom who offers fabulous advice on diet, exercise and staying fit while living a busy life. She also has great giveaways, and I received this card super quick. Check out her fab blog!!

I have some other fab contest wins to tell you all about (including a McLaren stoller), a new Ambassador program from Dove, and some other great BZZ agent Buzzes.  I am also in the throes of testing some new products for various testing programs, but I am sworn to secrecy, wink!

 Have a fab Friday night, and a great weekend. Enjoy the sun, and stay healthy,

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