Monday, April 19, 2010

A breakdown of life right now....

Things have been a little crazy. Not only am I heading into my third trimester, but we have signed the contract on our house for sale!! The terms have been agreed to by both us and the buyers and we are now waiting on the bank appraisal , and then the date of the closing to be released. In the meantime, we found an amazing house in Pleasant Valley NY to buy, made an offer, had it accepted, and did the inspection. The inspection came back pretty darn good, with minor now we are waiting on the contract to look over the seller's terms. I know, sounds like a lot of waiting. And, it is.

Also, we have auditioned for a new reality show for Bravo, and are waiting to hear if we were chosen. We met with the casting people twice in NYC, went on tape for the LA producers, and as far as we know , everything went really well. I think their reservation is in our location outside of NY, despite the NYC apt. But, since I am about to sign a disclosure, if chosen...I do not want to get into details. I can however let you know if we ARE chosen.

I have finished the registry for Anastasia, and will post it here soon! It is tiring to figure out the color scheme, fabrics and every little item that this soon to be spoiled girl is going to need, but it IS fun too!!

As for contests and sweepstakes, as much as I would like to host them, they are going to have to wait until after we move. There is just too much going on to take on a new project. I did win a new Apple Ipad from facebook, and some little items from twitter and blog contests. After we move and have a permanent address, I will really go into contest mode again.

So what is new with you out there in blog land?? Stay well and enjoy your spring,

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ljn317 said...

Wow, you are really busy these days. Congratulations on selling your house. I hope the purchase of the new one goes through and that you get the reality TV show.

Best wishes to you, Duncan, and Anastasia.