Saturday, December 25, 2010

Wishing you a Merry,Happy and Healthy!

Happy Holidays to you and your family!
Whatever you celebrate, I hope this post finds you well...We are busy with Ana's first holiday season, both Hanukkah and Christmas in this house.  Wrapping presents, decorating her first tree. Making sure everyone in the family gets to celebrate with us.  Will be back soon, after all of the holiday traveling.  Stay happy and healthy.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Top 10 Mommy Products that I could NOT live without (in no particular order) Part 2, 4-1


Sorry about the delay on the second half of this post. We had a close friend pass away last week, and I just did not feel like blogging, or doing much of anything public.

 There are so many cute little things that makes life easier with a newborn,but I will post a few more that you just "have to have".

4) Our bassinets (2).


Upstairs: Co-sleeper from Arm's Reach. This feminine dainty co-sleeper is the perfect size and shape to fit next to my side of the bed. I can reach in and comfort Ana without getting out of bed. It has just the right amount of feminine bows, and it is easy to change out the sheet on the semi-hard mattress. Plus, the lovely beige color matches well with our bedroom decor. We love this bassinet, and it will be a sad day when I put Ana in her crib in her own room.

    Downstairs: Kolcraft Tender Vibes Musical Bassinet. We looove this bassinet for naps, and to relax Ana when she is grumpy. She loves the polka dots and stares at them as I rock her. You can turn the wheels over and make this bassinet a rocker, which is a lovely and useful feature. Also,  it plays music and is really light and easy to move from the family room to the kitchen, so when I am cooking I can move Ana in with me and talk to her. I highly recommend this for people who need space savers, it is small and affordable! Also, Ana loves the stars that hang over the top.

 3)Medela Swing BreastPump and Medela Halter Top to hold the pump!!!

I have to pump to build up a supply of breast milk for Duncan to feed Ana when I go back to work, and/or want to have a spa day or shopping day with the girls. I originally thought I was going to buy a double pump, but switched to a single pump when i realized I didn't need the most expensive pump.

I looove my Medela pump, it is so easy to use and with the Medela halter top, I can have a hands-free experience! Easy peasy.

2) Fisher Price Rainforest Melodies and Lights Deluxe Gym  
 Ana loves her jungle time playtime, and this gym is perfect for tummy time too!! It is colorful, soft and has lots of fun toys to hold Ana's interest when she is playing. Although like most babies she hates tummy time, this gym is perfect for her daily practice. We love the silly and fun tunes that we can sing along to!!

1) Diaper Genie II Elite.
 I do not care what people say about diapers, and diaper pails, when Ana is screaming and I have a poopy-filled diaper in my other hand, stepping on the little step to pop the top of the Diaper Genie is ideal! I cannot smell the diapers inside, and it is so easy to tie off the bags and refill the can. As unsexy as diaper pails are, they are essential.This one is so easy to use, it makes diaper time short and sweet.

I have more to talk about tomorrow...I have to go pump!! Have a great week,

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

The Top 10 Mommy Products that I could NOT live without....(Part 1, 10-5)

The Top 10 Mommy Products that I could NOT live without (in no particular order) Part 1, 10-5

10) The Itzbeen Timer

I carry the Itzbeen timer from room to room, and check it constantly. It is a small timer that keeps track of diaper changes, feeding times, which breast was last used, how much time Ana has been sleeping and an extra timer for meds, or whatever you like. It comes in a couple of colors, but we have the grey one, since it was all that was available in the store. It is easy to program, has a little light and the buttons can light up in the dark too, so during that sleep deprived 4 am feeding, you will be able to read it clearly. I love it so, it really keeps me organized and on track of feedings and diaper changes. Priceless!!

9) The Boppy Pillow 

I have two Boppys, one for upstairs in the bedroom, and one I keep downstairs in the family room for my mid day and evening feedings. I love the Boppy pillows to rest Ana, and my arms while I am breastfeeding.  They are also great for propping her on my lap when my arms are tired and she has an impromtu nap. The Boppys come in various colors, and textures, both of mine are pink! One has roses, and the other tulips. (the one on the left can be found at Target).  They are super soft, have washable covers and are easy to carry from room to room, or put in the car for an outing.  Invaluable for breastfeeding.

8) Levana Monitor with Babyview 20 (night vision and lullabies included)
                                What can I tell you about a monitor that you cannot already guess. The Levana monitor is small and easy to carry, has a stand so I can place it next to the computer or on the table, and there is a button that I can press to start music up in her bassinet from wherever I am.  There is even night vision, and the camera has cute light up stars on the side.  Ana loves to stare into the camera before she falls asleep, and the camera captures her perfectly. It is easy to adjust and move, and does not get interference from our other appliances. This is not a cheap monitor, but I highly recommend it!

7) Halo Sleepsack Swaddle

 We now have two Halo sleep sacks. One was a present from the birthing center and is Micro Fleece, and we just bought a cotton sleep sack for warmer nights, and when the heat kicks on during the winter. Since babies are not supposed to sleep with loose blankets, the sleepsack is perfect. It zips up, and the swaddle has two velcro connected pieces that form a perfect swaddle. Ana loves it, and sleeps like a dream. I highly recommend these for newborns and babies who wake themselves up constantly with flailing arms.

6) Gerber Natural Flex Pink and Green Pacifiers

 I was resistant to pacifiers from the get go. I am breastfeeding, did not use a pacifier when I was a baby, and thought that they promoted problems with sucking and eventually properly growing teeth. BUT! And this is a big but, thank goodness for these Gerber pacifiers. They were recommended by our birthing center.
Ana loves to suck and since they gives her comfort, I gave in. I just have to make sure that I can take them away when the time comes. In the meantime, these Gerber pacifiers make my day easier and she loves to fall asleep with one in her mouth. Plus, when we venture out, they keep her calm and peaceful in public. And, who doesn't love a quiet baby??

5) Fisher Price My little Lamb Cradle and Swing

   This is the perfect swing. Cute, has a lot of gadgets. Plays cute music, the fabric is super soft and Ana loves it. I use the Lamby swing for naptime, play time, rest time, quiet time and any time. It curves and Ana fits into it perfectly. She loves to look up and watch the little lambs, stars and moons rotate when she is swinging or still. It is easy to hook her in, and I feel she is safe, and will not fall out. The batteries are still going, and we have been using it everyday for a few hours a day for six weeks. I love this swing, and Ana does too!!

There are many more toys, clothes and items that Ana loves (and we love too) stay tuned for more postings~

Monday, August 16, 2010

Ana's first photo shoot! Beautiful floral hats with Galpin Studios....


 At  just a week old, Anastasia had her first photo shoot! And boy did the photos come out deliciously! Behold my beautiful daughter...I do love her peaceful sleeping poses. She is a super cutie :) I am a very proud mama!!

    Her photographer and hat designer extraordinaire was Ampy Galpin of Galpin Studios. She was patient with Ana, and posed her in the sweetest feminine sleepy poses. A real joy to work with, and extremely professional as well. I would highly recommend her for your children's photos!! Check out her website:  Galpin Studios  and her blog:  Galpin Studios Blog  as well as her facebook page:  Galpin Studios Facebook page.

Here are my faves of the beautiful hat photos with Ana as the model!!




Stay well and have a wonderful week!!


Monday, August 9, 2010

To my dear daughter Ana: How you came into the world.....

baby ana
Anastasia , a few hours old.
To my precious daughter:

I love you. You are here. And I am madly , deeply in love with you. Every day, almost every hour, I hold you in my arms, stare deep into your blue eyes and wish the world for you. I want all of your dreams to come true. I will give you everything you need and most things that you want. You will want for nothing.

Sit down and let me tell you how you arrived oh dramatic Anastasia. It was really something.

Ana tries to open her eyes.
 On July 31, 2010 I was sitting at home, waiting for your Daddy to get home from his work meeting. He had a special one that day (Saturday), and was in North White Plains with his phone on, in case I went into labor. I was pretty sure you were going to be on time, but everyone else told me not to hold my breath, that you could be late (as most first babies are). The day before (Friday , July 30th) your daddy and I went shopping for diapers, and a camera to take your photos, and we were in BJS Warehouse when Mommy thought her water had broke. Daddy walked me to the car, and we rushed home to time the contractions. Unfortunately for us, like the 2 previous days, they were false, more than likely Braxton Hicks contractions, and the water was probably the rest of my mucous plug dropping.

So you can imagine how laid back I was on Saturday, when I started to feel those same contractions. I had a notebook ready, and started to time them from the beginning. 4:48 pm was the first one, and they continued about 13-17 minutes on average. When your daddy walked in the door, I told him I was having false labor, but would stay on top of the contractions. He took one look at the timing and told me they were coming about every 15 minutes. We called the midwife, Julie Denney, and let her know how far apart they were. She told us to call back when they were 5 minutes apart, which we thought we had hours for. Your daddy brought down the bags and put them by the door, and Mommy thought it would be a good thing to make some Cranberry Orange muffins for the Neugarten staff.

I mixed up the muffin mix, sprayed the pan and started spooning the mix in, when a gigantic whoosh of water started streaming down my legs. My water broke, and I knew you were on the way! I started laughing and crying all at once, and your daddy was there laughing with me. We were so giddy with excitement and glee. I ran into the shower, and asked your daddy to come help time the contractions. He was throwing the bags in the car, cleaning up the water and putting Chai and Ginger (your chihuahua sisters) into their bed.


I was in the shower when the contractions increased to 5 minutes, and then kept coming faster. It was about 8 o'clock at this point, so we called Julie again, and told her we were leaving for Rhinebeck. You have great timing, kiddo! It just so happens that Chelsea Clinton was getting married at that time, and we were worried about traffic, so we wanted to get the show on the road. Mommy got into the car, and started her yoga breaths, we put on your favorite pop cd, and mommy and daddy headed to the birthing center to meet you.

We got there about 845-9ish , because Mommy kept telling Daddy to slow down, it wasn't a race, and it would be hours before active labor and your appearance. Boy, was she wrong. We parked the car, and got to Neugarten, dragging in all of our bags chock full of the stuff that Mommy would need to have the best birth: A rolling pin, massage oil, washcloths, mixed cds, snacks, her birthing plan, Daddy's note from mommy reminding him what to do, camera, and video camera. We were ready for anything. I got undressed , put on my robe and they checked your vital signs to make sure you were not in distress. You had a strong heartbeat and Mommy was fine too. I was 6 centimeters dilated.

After I was checked, I started squatting, and pushing against the wall and bed to get through the contractions. They were about 2-3 minutes apart and coming hard at this point. Deep inside I guess I knew I would meet you soon. Daddy was trying to help Mommy by asking how he could help, Mixed cd? Calm Birth cd? Rolling pin, Massage? But we were past all of that and I knew I just had to push. I told him to go sit on the chair and look pretty. He looked around for something to do and remembered the video camera to record your birth!

I asked for Julie a couple of times, and as she walked into the door suiting up for birth, I asked if i could push. I needed to be checked for dilation. She checked, I guess I was ready, because she said, "You can push".

And so I did. And pushed. And breathed, and panted, and sweated and knew any second now my sweet Ana Banana Leo girl would be here. Your head was crowning and I guess they were worried about your heartbeat, because they told Mommy to put the oxygen mask on, which I hated. I had it on for half a push and then with a giant whoosh and one last laborious push , I heard your healthy cry! You were born.

10:29 pm. From 4:48-10:29. Not bad baby girl. Mommy would do it over and over again for you!!

A healthy, beautiful dark-haired, blue eyed 7 lb baby girl. My sweet Ana. And now as I hold you and feed you and stroke your soft downy hair I fall madly in love with you more and more every second. You are my love, and the reason I am here. To feed you, clothe you , teach you, learn from you and love you.

Love your mama,

Saturday, July 31, 2010

I am a new demographic I guess for surveys, product tests etc.


Lately, I have noticed a slight change in the email, surveys and product tests that I have been receiving. Not that I am complaining, I love being an informed, opinionated consumer, who is lucky enough to put her two cents in. But, I cannot help but notice the change since I updated my profiles, and changed my info. I am a new Demographic. A mom. A 30 something mom. Mommy. Momsville. Ma. Mama.

I used to receive mostly makeup and skin products, with some cool diet foods mixed in. Now I started receiving baby products, middle a
American emails, and I just finished a survey for a breast pump company! (yikes)!

I love that a big, reliable baby company is sending me one of their new products to test for the month of August (and I get to keep it!), but I would love it if some hot lingerie, shoe or jean company would contact me too! I still want to look sexy for D, and for myself!! I haven't changed the woman inside,just because my tummy was stretched a bit. I will have to see if this continues. And if it does, I am officially starting a movement. The haute MAMA movement. Moms Are More Amazing.

So hmph.

Watch, I go check my email and have a survey for


ONE Hot Mama

Winner of Birdy Boots baby shoes!!

We have a winner!! And I used to help me choose so it was 100% fair:


Winner is #3: Andres and Caroline. I will be contacting you via email within the hour!! Congrats, and please let me know which shoes you choose!!

Thanks everyone for entering. After baby Ana arrives (tomorrow??, Monday??)..I will be hosting more contests!!

Stay well and Happy Weekend!!

XO from the big, giant pregnant lady.

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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

A letter to my daughter as I contemplate the world she will soon discover....

My dear sweet daughter Anastasia:

You are not even here yet, but already I love you more than is humanly possible. I have carried you around in my body for the past 9/10 months and shared with you my joy, pain and some great eats, as you grew and grew into the baby that I am so lucky and blessed to meet in just a few short days, or even hours. I have complained about how you hurt my back, made my boobs grow indecently, and slowed down my daily activities, but all of these complaints pale in comparison to the joy that I feel when I am aware of your little squirming body pressing on my tummy. Feeling your toes stretch against me at night as I lay in bed reading aloud to you.

I waited for you dear sweet daughter. I made sure I was ready. I took years to run around and have silly fun, traveling and experiencing life as a single independent woman and then I met your daddy. I made sure he was a good man. The kind that will love you with more love than I can even describe. He is kind, patient and provides well. He is well-educated, loves my zaniness and crazy fashion obsessed silliness and most of all , he loves us. If something should ever happen to me, he is a good man, and will provide for you everything a child should ever need.

Now, we are ready for you.

We have a nice safe home, have made your room as pretty and comfortable as it can be and spoiled you with feminine pretty things so you will be fussed over and adored. We are ready financially, emotionally and physically to provide the care and love that two stable, older parents can give.

The world is not perfect, my love.

Mommy didn't want to bring you into a world with hate crimes, injustice, and war. But, there is too much good and too much hope not to bring you in at all.

And, hopefully by the time you are old enough to realize what is going on, the world will be better and better. All we can do is teach you how to be strong, independent and well-read. To go outside and appreciate nature. To visit farms and find out where food and animals come from. To visit musuems and theatres, travel to far off lands and discover the array of cultures out there. Mommy promises to let you eat anything you want to try (even Bacon), as long as you have an open mind. I will try not to teach you any prejudice or bias, that women can be anything they want to be (even President someday) and to support you in your pursuit of your hopes and dreams. If you want to be an artist or actor, I promise to find the best teachers and drag you around to all of the lessons like my mommy did. If you are more drawn to science or math, your daddy will help you discover the planets, and figure out which bugs are which and the difference between a cricket and a grasshopper.

I will teach you to read, enjoy all different genres of music, and teach you how to speak the basics in French, Italian and Spanish. We will shop together, share ice cream cones and cookies when we are having a bonding day, and I will help you pick out the perfect pink for your toes!!

I have no idea if you will be a redhead, a brunette or have strawberry blond hair like I did when I was little. But I promise you I will think you are the most beautiful little girl in the entire universe no matter your eye color, hair color or tone of skin. Because you were created by me and your Daddy and when I look at your face, I will see us. I will see our love. And you are my love.

I cannot wait to meet you (but please hurry up..your mommy is a mush, and I need to stop crying now).

Until your birthday my love,
I will wait...

Love Mommy...

A letter to my husband and daddy -to-be as I contemplate becoming a mother....

Dear Duncan:

It is time. We have had nine months to prepare ourselves for this day, and now it is here. Take a deep breath and relax. Everything is going to be fine. I have kept myself in good health, eaten well and Anastasia's room/stuff is ready. We have everything we need for her to come home. We have read all the books, followed the sage advice of our mother's and bought Ana all the creature comforts that a little baby girl could want for.

Here are a few things to remember when I call you or turn to you and say, "My darling, sweet husband IT IS TIME!!". First, do NOT panic. Labor will take more than a few hours, so we can take our time putting the bags in the car, neatening up the house and any last minute adjustments, (including my silly notion of baking muffins for the nurses, midwife and doctor). The birthing center is only a half an hour away, and more than likely I will go into labor in the off hours and not during rush hour. We know all the alternate routes, so if Ana decides to show up on the 31rst (during Chelsea Clinton's much publicized wedding ), we will get to the birthing center on time.

I have my birthing plan all printed out, so you will not have to explain anything to anyone about my desires and wishes for a natural birth with a tub labor and possible water birth. I have some fun things packed in my suitcase, like snacks and lavender oil,washcloths, magazines,cds, a rolling pin for my back and yummy smelling Kiehls lotions. When we get to the birthing center and get comfy in our room, I have a list of activities that you can refer to, to calm us down, keep me relaxed and comfortable and keep you busy.

First things first, you need to help me keep track of the contractions. It may help to write them down and call the birthing center, ob/gyn, or midwife, when they seem to be regular, and coming 5 minutes apart. They will let us know when to leave the house.

Then, you need to remind me to stay calm and take deep breaths. Everything will be easier if I am in a meditative state.

Once at the birthing center, things will be easier to keep track of.

Things for You to remember while I am laboring:

1. Please do not forget to call all of our parents to let them know that we are safely at the Neugarten and that you will call them when I am closer to giving birth to let them know when they can come visit.

2. To help me relax, you can apply counterpressure to my lower back with your hands, the rolling pin, and your knuckles. You can use the rolling pin under my tailbone for relief.

Also, you can take the washcloths that I packed and using hot or cold water apply it to my lower back. I packed a heating pad and that might work well.

3. Rinse a washcloth with cool water and put a dab of lavender oil from my suitcase before applying to my neck, and forehead. This will be soothing.

4. Make sure my ipad/ipod or cd player is playing one of my mixed cds with my favorite songs, including Ana's song. This might make us a bit more emotional, but will be soothing.

5. Make sure I am drinking lots of liquids: water, fruit juice, tea so I do not get dehydrated, and also make sure that I use the bathroom regularly.

6. Keep me distracted. Tell jokes, read me a funny story, take a walk with me, or watch some funny television while we wait.

7. Give me encouragement. Tell me I am getting closer to meeting our dear sweet lil Ana, and it will be worth it! I need support, and even if I am not complaining, tell me I am doing a great job!

8. Make sure you eat something. I need you to keep your energy and spirits up. Do not forget to pack snacks or drinks that you would like (and I dont mean Vodka, lol).

Active Labor

Once I am in active labor, the tone may change a bit. I will be feeling more pain, maybe moaning, rolling my back from side to side, squatting, in the tub or taking a shower. There are a few things I would like you to help me with once active labor sets in:

1. Quiet the room. Please keep the door closed, the lights as dim as they can be, put my softer music cds on and let everyone know I am listening to my Calm Birth cd to meditate and might not want to chat.

2. Help me through the contractions. If I am on a fetal monitor, you can ask the midwife or nurse how to read it. Or you can rub my abdomen offer encouragement as each contraction peaks and wanes. You can breathe with me, and massage my abdomen or lower back.

3. Please do not take what I say personally if I am cranky, or seem irritated. You are a great labor coach, and I may need some silence or comforting with my thoughts more than usual.

Transition time!!

This is it! Anastasia is almost here. We are going to meet her soon. But, this is the hardest part, so do not forget:

1. This is the hardest part for me so I will really need your encouragement. We will both be very tired, maybe even sleep deprived, and I will probably look and sound worn out. Keep talking to me, holding my hand, rubbing my head, and breathe with me. Just keep eye contact and let me know that you love me.

2. Get the cameras ready. This will be the time you want to record on video our little Ana coming into the world.

3. Keep me hydrated with ice or water. I may have dry mouth or lips at this point. I have packed some Burt's Bees for my lips as well.

Pushing and Delivery!!!! we go. I hope you are ready to be a Daddy, because she is here!!

1. Help guide my pushing and breathing...with the advice of Dr Bloch, or one of the midwives, you can help by supporting my back..holding my hand if I am in the tub.

2 . Stay close by. Do not think you are in the way no matter how many people are around me. I need you and want you as close as possible.

3. If you see the baby's head crowning, let me know...Tell me the progress of the baby , especially if noone else is.

4. And finally enjoy cutting the cord. I want you to do is a special moment and you should have the pleasure.

Phew, I am tired just typing this all up. But I think we may want it with us. Just as an easy, neurotic Zoe type guide.

Now we can celebrate her with kisses, hold her little toes in our hand, kiss her downy hair and smell her perfect baby skin. I am so proud of you and happy that you are the daddy to our daughter. You are going to be a great Dad!! I love you and cannot wait to share the joy of watching a little person grow and develop into a girl, and then a woman!!

I love you babe,



Monday, July 19, 2010

Many thanks for some fab wins, and Week 38!!

Hello readers-

  My first etsy contest got off without a hitch, but I am having trouble drawing entries, so please share and share alike!!

   On Sunday, I hit 38 weeks pregnant, I am officially at full term and little baby Ana could safely come at any time. I am spending my  free time finishing  projects for her room, and yesterday had a maternity photo shoot with Duncan and a fabulous photographer and friend, Michael Abrams of NY.

If you are looking for maternity photos, boudoir photos (those are the sexy ones!!)or headshots, he is really easy to work with and  can come up with a reasonable package. Check out his cool site for examples of his work.

   I have been lax in posting thank yous to the sponsors of the contests that I have recieved prizes from, so here are a couple more: THANKS!!!

    First , I received a box of yummy goodies from Bellybar, including drinks, bars and delicious citrus chews which I will be taking with me to the hospital to chew on during my labor. And, yes, I am allowed to eat during labor!! My birthing center even stocks fruit, yogurt and coffee for patients and birthing partners!! Thanks to Vanessa and her wonderful blog, and of course the kind ladies at Bellybar for letting me try these yummy, healthy for new mom products!! Vanessa's new blog: The Crafty Nest.

From Nerdlike  a cool blog, I won my choice of Crane humidifiers! I chose the Hello Kitty, which is adorable and pink (of course) for Anastasia's room. I had it on my baby registry anyway, so it was a very fortuitous win!!! Thanks Nerdlike and Crane!!!

Today I washed all the toile crib bedding and curtains, and cut the ribbons to hang the painted letters. Ana's room is on its way!! Photos to follow soon. Stay cool and make sure you enter my contest!!


Friday, July 16, 2010

Birdy Boots of Etsy!!! My first fabulous etsy contest and it is for adorable Baby shoes!!


I am so excited to present to you: Birdy Boots!! An adorable Etsy shop that is awarding one of my lucky readers with baby shoes in any of the available colors/patterns/size and gender on her fab Etsy shop!! In a world full of machine made shoes, and big box stores, isn't it refreshing to find artisans and crafters who are creative and take the time to make beautiful and high quality items?? Birdy Boots is more than boots...check out her shop to find: cute tees, wooden toys, and so much more!!


A little bit of info about Birdy Boots:

Birdy Boots has easy-wear clothing, shoes, toys and accessories for your little one. Made from new designer fabrics as well as upcycled fabulous fabric finds! The shop is located in Central Iowa, and they are proud members of the:  Midwest Treasury Team:.

Birdy Boots sent me the most adorable homemade pink and green shoes for Anastasia, check out the fab photos of how cute they are. I just love them, and cannot wait to put them on her little toes...will definitely take photos after she arrives, any day now!! For now, enjoy the photos without her baby feet...and ENTER to win your own pair of Birdy Shoes for yourself!!


Entry Rules:
First entry must be followed for all other entries to count!!! 1x entry each activity you do below ,(please comment each entry separately)

1. Go to Birdy Boots on Etsy:  Birdy Boots  and comment below to let me know which pair of shoes you would choose if you are the winner!! Heart her to put her in your etsy list!!!

2.  Like Birdy Boots on Facebook:  Birdy Boots on Facebook

3.  Subscribe to my blog via email (on right hand side). Must confirm through feedburner email.
4. Follow my blog via google connect. (also on right hand side)
5.  Follow me through networked blogs on facebook.
6. Follow me on twitter:  Zoe Hunter on twitter and retweet. Leave me the address of your tweet (click on timestamp and will take  you actual tweet)

So that is 6 (six ) entries that you could possibly have...sounds fab to me!!!!

Contest will end on Friday July 30rd at 11:59 pm. (I am extending this contest, as I would like to get to about 50 entries)I will be using the randomizer to pick a winner by random.  If I go into labor before then (cross fingers not). Winner will be chosen, when I get back from the hospital.

Enter today for the cutest homemade shoes..I LOOOOVE THEM!!

Have a great week, I will be back with Baby Ana updates soon!!

Stay cool,

** Full disclosure: I have not been paid in any way, shape or form to write this review and contest. These shoes were sent to me and I looove them all on my own!! **

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Thanks to some fabulous sponsors!!! May you all have a winning week!!

I am late in thanking a bunch of sponsors, but better late than never (especially when you are 9 months pregnant, and just moved an entire household into a new house). Now that I am settled in, and know where most things are, I have bunches of thank yous. I will have to add photos later, as my photoloader is still packed somewhere!!

First, A while ago I won a fabulous MacLaren Stroller from Big City Moms on Facebook. Well, it finally arrived and it is lovely. It is also the first item for Anastasia that is NOT pink,it is racing green, so it stands out amongst her pile of baby things right now. Check it out here: Maclaren Triumph The fabulous sponsors also sent a matching bag, which will be a perfect diaper bag for Duncan: Grand Tour Messenger Bag.

Little baby Ana now has 3 strollers so she should be all set for her jetsetting around NY, and wherever we travel with her. This stroller is so nice to travel with because it is lightweight and zippy!! I love that they threw in the bag as well, nice touch!! Thanks Maclaren, and thanks Big City Moms for holding the contest!!

I also recently received 2 different cds from Baby Blanket Music, the John Mayer and Simon and Garfunkel cds. They are both so much fun, and I cannot wait to play them for Ana. The first I won from The Fashionable Bambino, a cool baby blog that I read, and the second was from Sweet Dreams contest from Natural Mat, Kushies and Baby Blanket Music on facebook!! Thanks Fashionable Bambino and Natural Mat, Kushies and most of all Baby Blanket Music.

We have some company coming this afternoon, and I have an OB/GYN appointment, so I will be back later to post more thank yous!!

Stay cool in 99 degrees,

Monday, July 5, 2010

Happy 4th (a bit late) and soooooo many thank yous....

Hey all-
The weekend went by in a flash, and now that we are more settled in the new house, I have some time to relax, breathe and enjoy the new pool! Yay!

I have another doctor's appointment tomorrow to make sure everything is going well with little Ana, and see how far along she is. I hope that she comes on time, but if she is a little early, I will take that too!

I have ordered more things for her room including curtains, a cute lampshade, and some painted letters for her wall. Her room is about 50% planned and ready to go. Mom came over today to start the mural for the wall. It looks fab already, and she is just on the sketch!

I have about a zillion thank yous to shout out on here..and tomorrow I will make the list, check it twice and go through them so I do not forget everyone...for the wonderful gifties and prizes....PLUS!!!! I have my first contest coming,and it is a fabulous etsy artisan!! I cannot wait...

Stay cool, drink lots of water and follow along as I enter my last month of pregnancy :)


Sunday, June 27, 2010

My birth plan!! And finishing up my mixed cd for my Calm Birth....

I finally have a few spare minutes to sit down and type out a birth plan. I have been thinking about this birth for the past few months and definitely have a strong outline of how I want it to go. Let me know if it seems like anything is glaringly missing from it!!

My Wishes for Childbirth - Zoe Elyse Lee

Due Date: 08/01/2010
Patient of Dr Nathan
Scheduled to deliver at Neugarten Birth Center


Dear staff of the Neugarten Family Birth Center,
  I would like to adhere to this list as closely as possible. Thanks for your kindness, patience, and understanding.

Zoe Lee


* I would like to be free to walk around during labor.
* I wish to be able to move around and change position at will throughout labor.
* I would like to be able to have fluids by mouth throughout the first stage of labor.
* I will be bringing my own music to play during labor.
* I would like the environment to be kept as quiet as possible.
* I would like the lights in the room to be kept low during my labor.
* I would prefer to keep the number of vaginal exams to a minimum.
* I do not want an IV unless I become dehydrated.
* Other Labor Preference: I would like to have a water birth.
* Other Labor Preference: I would like to follow my Calm Birth plan and listen to my cd in a quiet place as I meditate.


* I do not wish to have continuous fetal monitoring unless it is required by the condition of Anastasia.
* I do not want an internal monitor unless Anastasia has shown some sign of distress.

Labor Augmentation/Induction

* I do not wish to have the amniotic membrane ruptured artificially unless signs of fetal distress require internal monitoring.
* If labor is not progressing, I would like to have the amniotic membrane ruptured before other methods are used to augment labor.

Anesthesia/Pain Medication

* Other Anesthesia/Pain Medication Preference: I would like to have a natural birth.
* Other Anesthesia/Pain Medication Preference: If I am in extreme pain, I will use the code word: Hamburger to indicate that i am serious about wanting drugs.


* Unless absolutely necessary, I would like to avoid a Cesarean.
* If my primary care provider determines that a Cesarean delivery is indicated, I would like to obtain a second opinion from another physician if time allows.
* If a Cesarean delivery is indicated, I would like to be fully informed and to participate in the decision-making process.
* If Anastasia is not in distress, Anastasia should be given to My husband, Duncan immediately after birth.


* I would prefer not to have an episiotomy unless absolutely required for Anastasia's safety.
* I would appreciate guidance in when to push and when to stop pushing so the perineum can stretch.
* I would prefer an episiotomy rather than a tear.


* I would like to be allowed to choose the position in which I give birth, including squatting.
* I would like the chance to touch Anastasia's head when it crowns.
* I would appreciate having the room lights turned low for the actual delivery.
* I would appreciate having the room as quiet as possible when Anastasia is born.
* I would like to have Anastasia placed on my stomach/chest immediately after delivery.
* Other Delivery Preference: I would like to deliver in the tub, if possible.

Immediately After Delivery

* I would like to have My husband, Duncan cut the cord.
* I would prefer that the umbilical cord stop pulsating before it is cut.
* I would like to hold Anastasia while I deliver the placenta and any tissue repairs are made.
* I plan to keep Anastasia near me following birth and would appreciate if the evaluation of Anastasia can be done with Anastasia on my abdomen, with both of us covered by a warm blanket, unless there is an unusual situation.
* I would prefer to hold Anastasia rather than have (him/her) placed under heat lamps.
* I do not want a routine injection of Pitocin after the delivery to aid in expelling the placenta.


* Unless required for health reasons, I do not wish to be separated from my baby.
* I would like to have Anastasia "room in" and be with me at all times.


* I plan to breastfeed Anastasia and would like to begin nursing very shortly after birth.
* Unless medically necessary, I do not wish to have any bottles given to Anastasia (including glucose water or plain water).
* I do not want Anastasia to be given a pacifier.


* Other Photo/Video Preference: I would like Duncan to videotape the birth.


* I would prefer that no students, interns, residents or non-essential personnel be present during my labor or the birth.

Phew, now let us hope all goes smoothly and I don't have to mention Hamburger!!!

I am putting the finishing touches on my mixed cds for the hospital and will be bringing my ipad as well, so I will have plenty to listen to. I will upload the music list later. Lots of Tori on it, and of course music that I have been playing for Ana right along.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Getting settled takes some by room.

So we are officially in the house and have started unpacking as well as getting the house in order. Right off the bat we had to have the plumber come in and fix the water, as well as the pool people to help get the pool from green swamp to blue pool. It is still green, but getting better by the day.

Also, we had to have the air conditioning guys out to look at the filters and clean the was just not getting cool in here. That has been fixed, it is now cool enough to get through the day, though I fear the entire unit (central air) will need to be replaced and upgraded in the next year or so! Phew, it is expensive moving into a new house.

I have sorted through the baby things, and have a list of which items need to be put together first. Also, have picked a small suitcase to pack with the things I will need for the hospital when Ana arrives. I am making Duncan a list to help keep me calm and comfortable when I do go into labor including positions, and massage :)

Now that I feel a bit more settled, I can concentrate on practicing my birthing method, Calm Birth, paint Ana's room a nice pale pink, hang her clothes in her big, empty closet and work on the little craft projects to decorate her room. All of her furniture has arrived and will need to be put together. Her bedding is on the way too!! I just need a fluffy pink rug and some beautiful pink or pink and white curtains and everything will look put together.

I have received a few more prizes since we moved...and will blog about them tomorrow..I was out shopping all day today and am totally exhausted!! Night world..will be chipper tomorrow


Sunday, June 20, 2010

We are IN the new house!!!

pleasant valley
                    Photos are from Pleasant Valley Website.

    Greetings from lovely and bucolic Pleasant Valley, NY. We moved in last week, and are starting to settle in. Most of our things are still in boxes, but the boxes are in the right rooms, and our necessities have been located. We had a bit of a rough start with the well water, because it sat for over a month in an empty house, but after adding chlorine tablets twice, the rotten egg smell and taste has been eradicated, and we can appreciate our reverse osmosis water filtration system from Culligan Man! Cool!!

                                  (this area is full of horse farms, sooooo lovely)

    It is so quiet at night, I am loving the peace. Ok, so it is quiet during the day too, and I love how sunny and bright the house is with very few shades and curtains. I get to choose the window coverings from scratch...woohoo, it is daunting but pretty exciting to get to decorate a whole house.

I am getting pretty big, and have slowed down a bit. Today is 34 weeks, so Anastasia is a few weeks away from full-term and about a month or so away from birth! I cannot wait!! I have started making lists for my hospital bag, including getting some new cute pjs to wear for my visitors, music for before, during and after the birth, snacks, necessities, toiletries and a list for Duncan to refer to if he forgets how to keep me calm. Not that I am worried, I have my Calm Birth cd, and will have plenty of relaxing music to refer to when Ana starts to arrive.

 Still: Her nursery looms ahead, I have chosen the colors for the paint, and most of her furniture is ready for assembly and use. She is going to be such a cute little pink princess lovey dovey. I love her already.

   It is hot here today, and I am a bit grouchy after driving to Cold Spring and back to have brunch with my Dad, so I am going to make this short. I will be back with some great wins that I received, and more info and photos of ideas for Ana's room.

Until then, I will post some of the photos of our house from the Real Estate agent's original listing.
My new kitchen!!

Our family room..(not our furniture)

Happy Weekend and Happy Father's Day!!,

Thursday, June 10, 2010

We have the closing date, Mom retires, and some fab wins!!

  Well, we did it. We finally have a closing date on our new house. It has been a long and winding road, but it is time for change. Big Change! Monday is the day, and boy am I excited. I cannot wait to move! I will share photos of the new place after the closing, and hope you like it as much as I do!!

  It has really been a week for partying. Tonight my mom celebrated her retirement from teaching. She has been a teacher since 1971, right out of college, and boy does she deserve the time off to have fun! I hope she travels, shops and lives the pleasurable life for all of us. And more time to spend with her granddaughters!!Anastasia will be her 3rd granddaughter in a year and a few it will be so nice to have the three little girls visit, and grow together!

  I promised you that I would tell you about my latest wins, and boy do I have some great ones. I tried and tried to win something fab for Mother's Day, and I won my Mom a really lovely Vera Bradley Bag.

I won the bag from the fabulous site, "The Find", a cool and fashionable blog that I read. The black bag is so versatile, and classic, and the fabulous VB and Find women even threw in a cool black and white purse and matching wallet for moi!! Isn't it pretty?? It is the Alice Night and Day.Thanks the Find, and the Vera Bradley company!!

 Speaking of Facebook, I won another fab Conair giveaway, the matching curling iron to the straightener that I won from Conair. But this time, I won it from the very cool and trendy Beauty Riot site! They have fun quizzes, contests and great hair and makeup ideas based on celebrity style! They gave away the Conair Infiniti You Curl Ceramic curler! It is red, and matches my new straightener, yay!! Thanks, Beauty Riot and Conair!

  Two days ago, I received a bottle of Weleda Pregnancy Oil from the fab blog Designs by Vanessa!! (now the Crafty Nest ). I started using the oil today, and will let you know how it works. It smells divine, and rubbed on really smooth! I love the glass bottle, and if it really avoids stretch marks, then it will be fantastic!! Thanks Vanessa , and Weleda, so far so good. Check out Vanessa's blog for fab contests, and she is expecting too!! Yay for babies!!

 There are a couple more....but I will tell you more about them when I receive them!! Yay! Have a fabulous Friday, and a great weekend. I know I will!!


Monday, June 7, 2010

We closed!! And what a fabulous Baby Shower!!


32 weeks pregnant, at my baby shower with Megan and Rachael.                                             

Phew, it has been a hectic few days, but in a good good way! Friday we closed on our townhouse. As of 2 pm in the afternoon, we were "homeless", and moved into Mom's house in New Windsor. The closing went smoothly, and lasted about 2 hrs. There was only one tiny detail that had to be changed, and that is being taken care of. Saturday was a big blur, but mostly we went to the Chalet in Cold Spring, NY to deliver the roses, teddy bears, prizes, and table favors for Anastasia's baby shower on Sunday. After everything was finished, we went out for a nice dinner and relaxed. Mom bought a new car, so we tooled around town, checking out the ride!

Sunday was so much fun! The Chalet is really a beautiful spot, and they buffet was elaborate and decadent. We had added on the seafood platters, so there was even more than usual for their Sunday Brunch. About 50 guests and I enjoyed a warm, sunny afternoon chatting, eating, playing silly baby games, and opening presents. Boy, is this baby going to be a spoiled one. She has no idea. I have a few photos from the day, it was so lovely.

                                                                            The sheet cake

Add caption
                                            Teddy Center Piece with roses and Princess Balloon

Once we get settled into the new home, we will take photos of the wonderful gifts Ana received, including all the cute clothes.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Moving Out! Resting at Mom's, and some more wins!!

Well, we did it! Moved 7 years accumulation of furniture, clothes, kitchen appliances, and house stuff!! Oh, and don't forget all the stuff we had before we were married, including an 8 track player (D's), old scripts (mine), Star Wars figures (D's) and hundreds of pairs of shoes and boots (whose do you think??)

It took weeks of packing boxes a little at a time, but we did it. I finished up the kitchen last night, put my feet up and even caught a few zzz's despite the excitement. Then, at 8am this morning the Movers showed up and I left the men to do the heavy lifting (Hey, I AM 31 weeks preggers). I am at my Mom's stealing internet from the neighbors, heehee, and the pups are safely esconced in the basement, where it is dry and cool.

I am awaiting my lunch, and then will have the energy to put up some fab wins, and a great new Lotion that I am testing and will tell you all about!!

Stay cool,

Saturday, May 29, 2010

Packing, Cleaning, Closing.......Moving!!!! and more wins.

What a whirlwind! After waiting and waiting for all of this house stuff to work itself out, we finally got word that our buyers received their commitment letter from the bank, and have gotten a mortgage , yay! We still do not have the closing finalized, (darn holiday weekend), but our tentative closing is set for this coming Friday. Which means our last night sleeping in the townhouse is this coming Tuesday!! Wednesday we have the movers coming for the furniture and boxes, Thursday we are cleaning and getting any last minute decor (including the curtains), and Friday is the closing! Woo hooooooooooooooooo. We will then officially be homeless until the closing on our new place, which is still not set. In the interim, we are staying at my mom's house and putting everything into storage with our movers.

I am sooo excited,I am bursting at the seams. I cannot believe my dream house is now becoming a reality. It is a surreal time for sure. I will share photos when we have the closing set, and it is a done deal. I do not want to jinx it.

June is going to be a super busy month. I have my baby shower, a friend's baby shower, a cousin's wedding shower, my mom's retirement party, Father's Day, and two baby classes including Breast feeding and Child care. Also, I want to set up at least one pregnancy photo shoot, with my big mama tummy!!!

Thankfully, we will have the pool to cool off, the way the heat has already set in, I am thinking we are going to have one HOT summer!!!

 As for May and wins, I am super super grateful for all of the mommy blog wins, and new mommy products that I will get to review. I have a few on the way to my Mom's house now, as well as a couple that I recently received.

 From the fabulous blog at Blisstree, I won a cute brown Chicobag recycled carry bag and coupons for two free cartons of Silk Pure Almond Milk. YUM! I drink Soy milk, but I am so excited to try Almond milk, I have heard such great things about the silkiness, flavor and taste. I will let you know how it tastes after my next visit to the grocery.

From Facebook, I won some delicious, rich coffee from for being a fan! I love all things Vampire, and their site has wine, coffee, chocolate and original products for sale. I had no idea how great the Brazil Ipanema Dulce coffee would be. I am a bit of a coffee snob, and since I am only drinking one cup of coffee a day during my pregnancy, I am pretty picky! Delish! I highly recommend Vampire coffee, and the packaging is cute too!! 

 Also from Facebook, on May 24th  on the Conair Facebook page, I won am amazing Conair straightener. It is the : Infiniti Nano Silver by Conair High Temperature Ionic Steam Straightener! And, if that sounds fancy, that is because it is! It is super fancy and beats the pants off of my mini straightener that I have been using for my bangs.  I packed it up with my hair items for the move, but I will blog photos the next time I use it.  YAY!!

I have more to blog about, but am waiting until I can take photos!! 

Now it is off to pack more, and have dinner! Have a fabulous holiday weekend

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Calm Birth, Aden and Anais and a whole bunch of baby clothes....

   Last night was my final Calm Birth class with fabulous doula, artist and erudite woman around town, Mavis Gewant. I feel so much more in control of this birth now, have the strength and knowledge to get through the contractions and breathe through any (bad word), pain.  Calm Birth is a cd led meditation that I will be listening to daily and practicing as much as possible until Ana's birth. It is beautiful, calm and peaceful and I am so lucky that it exists. Sitting comfortably in a chair, on the bed or a couch, you keep your eyes softly open and follow the guidance of a dreamy, feminine narration that takes you through visualizations and peaceful self recognition of your connection to your baby , and the women around you. It is a three part program, and if I can follow and practice, so can you. I let my mind focus on the objects, words and Ana and all of my thoughts of the day, worries, and fears disappear. It really works.  I will be using it during the birth, and letting you all know how wonderful it was to keep the physical stress level low.

  Recently, I received a fabulous package of baby items from Aden and Anais to test for the Gloss Influencers program. The package included Dribble baby bibs with baby animals, a beautiful soft swaddle wrap in Brilliant Blue, and a copy of the book:  Swaddle Love. I loooove these products. The Aden and Anais cotton muslin is soooo super soft, I cannot wait to swaddle Ana, and take lots of photos of her all swaddled up. The book comes with adorable photos and teaches proper swaddling technique so I can learn how to do it properly. I can't wait to use these all. Thanks MyGloss!!

  Yesterday, in between my doctor's check-up (my allergies are in check) and my Calm Birth Class in New Paltz, I stopped by a fellow free-cycler's house to pick-up a few gently used and new baby items. Well, lo and behold, 5 bags later, I am going through the onesies, booties, hats and tees today.... Baby Ana already has a sizable closet of mostly 6-12 months, and now will have a lot of 0-6 onesies and cute lil outfits! When I am finished with them, I will be free-cycling to a lucky mommy to be too!!

Today is a lazy around the house kind of day, packing, organizing , daydreaming, meditating and enjoying the sunshine.

  Stay Well,

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Infant CPR class, a carnival & more wins!! Welcome Week 30!!

   This was a fun filled, informative weekend!  Saturday we headed up to Northern Dutchess Hospital:Neugarten Center, (where I am giving birth),  for an infant and child CPR class.  I have the attitude that knowledge is power, and you can't know too much in dealing with babies and kiddies. I feel better knowing how to act in case of choking, and finding a baby  or child not breathing. It is scary to think about, but better to know what to do. I do not think I will leave Ana in the care of anyone until they prove they know how to administer CPR, whether I have to teach them or not! Interested in taking a class yourself?? There is some info here: Babycenter Infant and Child CPR info.  

    Saturday night, we headed over to a local Carnival/Fair for food, fun and fireworks.  It reminded me of the Heroes carnival without the house of mirrors or cool attractions. It was probably my last carnival childless. We stayed for the fireworks, (I loooove fireworks) and then headed home to rest.  I definitely get tired faster these days, and expect the last 10 weeks to be a bit slower for me.

 I want to tell you about a few more wins, and some new products , which I will feature in my next blog posting. May was such a lucky month for me. I entered a Babies tickets contest on facebook from :Big City Moms and ended up winning the Grand Prize of a MacLaren Stroller and 2 tickets to see the movie Babies.  I still have not chosen which stroller yet, but will let you know when I do :) 

Also, won a really cool colorful Covergirl smoky eye kit from the cool makeup blog: 
Beauty Girl Musings.

I have already experimented with some of the colors, and they look hot!! Check out Monique's blog for amazing beauty advice, new products and giveaways!!

I am heading back upstairs to continue packing in a few minutes, stay well and enjoy your Sunday. I cannot wait for LOST tonight!! What will happen??


Friday, May 21, 2010

Beautiful sunshiney day and More May Wins!!!

  I am loving these beautiful,clear May days! The sun is shining, the grass is a super cool green, and my mint and raspberry bushes are blooming away.  I cannot wait to own more land, and have a really big garden with veggies and herbs. :)

  The weekend should be pretty busy, so I am enjoying a lazy Friday, catching up on some packing, and watching the last of my recorded shows on the Tivo. I am almost done with Heroes, all caught up with Lost, have a few more CSI's, and some random Datelines and forensic shows. I am sure I will be all caught up by the time Ana arrives, in just over 10 weeks.

  Speaking of Ana, I won the coolest assortment of baby items through another cool blog: Galtime called the : 'Bonanza of Booty for The New Mom'. Included in the goodies was an amazing diaper bag which I already received, the :Storksak Kate Retro Dot Red.  It is really roomy, has amazing pockets inside, and is a nice bright color. I love it!! I can't wait until the rest of the goodies show up, and hope they make it before we move!

  Also the first week of May, I won a $50 gift-card to Old Navy from the fabulously fit: Trainer Momma blog. Mandi is a fit and trim mom who offers fabulous advice on diet, exercise and staying fit while living a busy life. She also has great giveaways, and I received this card super quick. Check out her fab blog!!

I have some other fab contest wins to tell you all about (including a McLaren stoller), a new Ambassador program from Dove, and some other great BZZ agent Buzzes.  I am also in the throes of testing some new products for various testing programs, but I am sworn to secrecy, wink!

 Have a fab Friday night, and a great weekend. Enjoy the sun, and stay healthy,

Thursday, May 20, 2010

More fab wins, and a very healthy week!!

  I am feeling very healthy this week. Could be that the warm, mild spring weather is agreeing with me, could be that I am feeling very pregnant and connected with Ana!  She is such a little mover and shaker already. She kicks, punches, and moves around constantly, and I love feeling her move through my tummy! I cannot wait to see her in the flesh and kiss her, sniff her, and know what her face will look like. Will she have blue eyes like her daddy? Green eyes like her mommy? Curly hair? Wavy dark hair? Will she be teeny tiny, or healthy and chubby? Easily, I can say I am impatient to find out. How do women do this over and over with all the waiting??

Anywho, I have some great blogs and prizes to tell you about. I have been a busy girl, signing up for new blogs, and finding great mommy sites to join.

   First, let me tell you about the I-pad that I won.  I could not believe it, I won after entering one contest. It was through a facebook contest, sponsored by Six Seeds.  I entered for myself and also sent it out to a few friends.  Lo and behold, three of my friends won an I-pod Touch. I love this site, and read it regularly. Check them out for great family oriented articles, reviews, news, etc. They were a fabulous sponsor, and have made me a very happy techie girl.  I have downloaded some cool apps to the Ipad, but have not realized its full potential yet! I am sure I will, especially during my hospital stay or traveling.

   I also recently won the Bradley Bayou contest at Couture in the City, a cool fashion blog/site!  The prize: $150 worth of fashion merchandise from the BB collection at QVC.  This was a surprise win, as I was not sure what would be sent. Well, I just received my prize, and it is pretty cool.  A soft, black leather jacket with zipper details found at QVC here: QVC Bradley Bayou Leather Jacket.

 A really fabulous and much needed recent win:  From Ascending Butterfly, a really cool blog: Teal Butterfly Fleurville Lexie Diaper Bag Tote !! I pretty and colorful diaper bag that will be perfect for Ana!! It is from Layla Grace, which is one of my fave sites :)

It is sooo nice inside. And  will hold all the essentials! Soon, I will know what those essentials should be, lol.

More wins coming soon.  I will be posting for the next few days.... Stay healthy and have fun in the sun,

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Some recent fabulous wins....

  Those who know me, know that I used to be a sweepstakes and contests addict.  Well, I took a year or so off from entering, but recently the contest bug hit me again. Taking time off from working to have a baby, and spending more time on the internet led me to some great contests, and I have won a few.  I would love to use this blog to publicly thank the sponsors, and let you know that real people DO win great things.  I only enter for prizes that I truly love and will use, and from blogs that I love read as well as sponsors who offer fabulous products!!

 The first is a fabulous King Cake to use with my book club while we read : The Crowning Glory of Calla Lily Ponder, by Rebecca Wells! I have decided to have the meeting on June 5th, and am excited to get a new book club going for the new house/move. I won the cake from: The Book Club Girl.  She has a fab blog, with lots of info on great books for your club.

 On May 4th, I won a copy of  Something about You, by Julie James from Fresh Fiction.  I received my copy, and it will be a fun book to read in my last couple months of pregnancy this summer. Light, fresh and fun.

  The third contest that I am going to tell you about (though there are more this month) is a really cool one from Subu Rose. Emily makes homemade books and every Wednesday has a really cool contest, where you come up with a word to express how you are feeling.  My winning word was preggers, and Emily sent me a really cool pink empty journal to write my baby feelings in.  It was printed with the word preggers on the outside, and was really adorable.  I cannot wait to start writing in it.  If you want to buy your own, check out her etsy shop:  Subu on Etsy.

There are some other fab wins including baby stuff and an ipad (wow) look for my next post soon!! Have a fabulous winning day,

Monday, May 17, 2010

Feeling great at Week 29.

I cannot believe that I am already 29 weeks into my pregnancy. It seems like time flew by, and I am in my third trimester and counting down the weeks! D and I went to our OB/GYN appointment today, and Anastasia is growing steadily and is super healthy as well as has a strong heartbeat. I cannot wait to see her little face, and kiss her toes and fingers.

D and I finished our birthing class, though I am also taking a Calm Birth class in New Paltz. Plus we are taking infant and child CPR, and a Childcare class as well as Breastfeeding.

As for our house situation, everything is moving ahead. We applied for the mortgage, and had our appraisal, we are just waiting to hear from our bank on the approval. This week or next week, we should know the status of our buyers, and hopefully (fingers crossed), be able to set the closing date.

I had really fabulous mail week with a few fabulous wins, some products to test and review and even our first baby gift!! My next few blogs will be about the cool products I was sent to review and the fabulous baby stuff that I cannot wait to use with Ana, my dear sweet baby girl.

All else is right in the world, I wish you a fabulous and healthy week,

Wednesday, April 28, 2010


I am sitting on my couch watching indie movies and trying to clean off 2 dvrs while I wait. My life seems to be in a holding pattern at this moment. Waiting for the buyers to get their mortgage and set the closing. Waiting for our mortgage brokers to set the appraisal and get the paperwork rolling. Waiting for this baby to grow. Waiting for the summer to hurry up and get here so we can move, have this baby and get on with life.

Waiting is not that bad, I just do not have the patience for it. So in the meantime, I am going to start writing product reviews, and look for sponsors for baby items....Please help me in spreading the word and getting this blog out there so I can hold contests and offer great prizes.

In the meantime, I am here ...waiting.

Monday, April 19, 2010

A breakdown of life right now....

Things have been a little crazy. Not only am I heading into my third trimester, but we have signed the contract on our house for sale!! The terms have been agreed to by both us and the buyers and we are now waiting on the bank appraisal , and then the date of the closing to be released. In the meantime, we found an amazing house in Pleasant Valley NY to buy, made an offer, had it accepted, and did the inspection. The inspection came back pretty darn good, with minor now we are waiting on the contract to look over the seller's terms. I know, sounds like a lot of waiting. And, it is.

Also, we have auditioned for a new reality show for Bravo, and are waiting to hear if we were chosen. We met with the casting people twice in NYC, went on tape for the LA producers, and as far as we know , everything went really well. I think their reservation is in our location outside of NY, despite the NYC apt. But, since I am about to sign a disclosure, if chosen...I do not want to get into details. I can however let you know if we ARE chosen.

I have finished the registry for Anastasia, and will post it here soon! It is tiring to figure out the color scheme, fabrics and every little item that this soon to be spoiled girl is going to need, but it IS fun too!!

As for contests and sweepstakes, as much as I would like to host them, they are going to have to wait until after we move. There is just too much going on to take on a new project. I did win a new Apple Ipad from facebook, and some little items from twitter and blog contests. After we move and have a permanent address, I will really go into contest mode again.

So what is new with you out there in blog land?? Stay well and enjoy your spring,

Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Out of all the worries and concerns I have being a new Mom, I am worried about the most minute details. Since I refuse to window shop, build a registry or even go into a store until I know the gender of the babe (come on March 18 and week 20), I have cleaned out my closets and taken stock of what I already have to wear/use.

In the meantime, I have spent my free time shopping for cute maternity clothes, daydreaming about colors and themes for the nursery and worrying about every little detail of the years to come.

One of my first orders of business? Buying sensible flat or stacked heeled shoes that I can comfortably push the stroller with. Walk while babywearing. Shop for Pampers, and run after baby's first steps. Where do I begin. For the past 15 or so years, my feet have been happy in high heels, platformed sandals, stilettos, and high heeled boots. I love expensive shoes, the kind that no child should ever get his or her grimy hands on. Choo, Louboutin, Manolo. The names of my dreams. What shall they be replaced with? Bass? Scholl? Teva? I shudder to think.

So what I am asking you, my dear readers and friends, is for suggestions for cute, stylish realistic mommy shoes. The kind of shoes that are hip and chic, but will not cause me to break a leg or trip while walking with baby!!

I bought one pair of shoes so far, and they totally rock. They are stylish, comfortable, easy to pull on and off and go with lots of outfits. I am leaning towards this new brand (to me), to be a reliable go-to for cute low-heels and flats.

 (I have removed the photo to save space, they were Geox black boots).

Sunday, February 21, 2010

A new adventure , a new mom....

I know. I KNOW!! It is scary. Me being a mom. What qualifies me to be a mom? Age? Gender? Intelligence? Sense of style? All of the above? None of the above?
Argh. I am 17 weeks pregnant today. Scary.

I am feeling bloated. Bored. And, restless. Part of it is mid-winter blues, which should be remedied soon with a baby-moon to a warm place. We are thinking Mexico. Researching resorts and flights. I have to get out of this place. It is cold. And boring.

Yesterday, we had another buyer come look at the place, so hopefully this house is sold by spring,and we can buy something soon, and get going on a new place for our new family!!

In the meantime, I decided to start a mama blog. After all, I need a place to vent, brag, whine, chat and get suggestions for mommy things.

In no time at all, I will be a MOM , and it scares the heck out of me.