Monday, October 19, 2009

Heading into Winter = Gaining Weight? Not in my book....

This week it has really started to feel nippy outside, and I fear deep inside as the winter sets in, that my lust for working out and sticking to the plan will diminish. I am taking every precaution.

I have started boxing classes 2x a week with "Downtown Leona Brown" in Beacon, and personal training with Keith of HV Fitness once a week. I walk fast/jog along the river, and try to head to the gym in NYC at least once or twice a week!

As for my diet, carbs have started to sneak their way back in, and before they can defeat me, I am on top of my calories and fat once again. I am going to blog , use this as a public food diary to hold myself accountable, and try to keep active despite the cold outside. I will avoid my pitfalls of freshly made breads, muffins, pies and cakes, and allow myself one cheat day a week to have something "naughty".

I do need to find a jogging partner up in Beacon, I know that it would be more fun and encouraging to have a friend to chat with while sweating up a storm.

What do you do to keep yourself going in the cold?? How do you stay warm? What fitness classes or workouts are you doing that are fun?? Is anyone out there??

Stay warm and healthy..while I figure this all out!

Monday Food Diary (so far)


Kashi/skim milk
coffee with splash of skim/splenda

Bowl of lowfat turkey chili

Snack 1:

6 pieces of sushi. Tuna , yellowtail and eel with tiny bit of white rice (wish it was brown)

dinner: Rest of the sushi

Popcorn for a snack

I cant remember now what I had..since it is Friday and I am amending this. Oops. I will do better next week!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Zoe

I met you at ICFLM in Milwaukee in Oct 2007. I've always thought you look great, regardless, but I understand and support what you're doing.

Right now I have to lose at least 18 pounds in order to finish a film I started a while ago, because I have to be pretty much the same weight in all the footage. As of today, I drew a line in the sand. In 1986, I lost 22 pounds in 7 weeks, eating every meal and no special diet, just controlling portion size. As I got older, and needed to adjust my weight from time to time, I found I needed to use the weight bench to kick up my metabolism also; otherwise my body would just go into starvation compensation mode.

I'll try to check in periodically. And I'll watch your FB updates.

Doug P.

ljn317 said...

It's great that you're committed to exercise and stick to a diet that's healthy. Once cheat day per week should keep it bearable and keep you on track.

However cold it is, whether it's raining or snowing or not, nothing keeps me from outdoor exercise in Central Park. I do a brisk walk, at just above 4pm, for 35 minutes, three times a week. (Yes, it would be better to do it every day.) I just wear more and more layers of clothing as the weather gets colder. I just carry an umbrella if it rains. But no excuses, not ever, no skipping of the three times per week.