Wednesday, September 2, 2009

One more lb lost!

  Duncan and I recently took a trip to the North Fork of Long Island, and was really fun! The weather was beautiful and we got to explore all of the little towns, and eat, eat eat! I was so worried from all the eating, that I did not want to get on the scale when I got back to the city, and my new-ish gym: 24 Hr Fitness. But and this is a big Butt!! But, I lost 1 lb. After all the seafood, and ice cream, I still managed to come out on top. I think it was my rogue bike trip where I decided instead of hanging out at the wineries with D, I would get on my bike (in flip flops no less) and ride back to the Inn. I ended up riding 16 miles that day (after 10 years of non riding). What a blast. The whole thing has prompted me to buy a new bike. So, that is what I am going to look for this weekend. A new hot ride. Happy Weekend, and Happy Labor Day!!


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ljn317 said...

That's great! Enjoy your biking. :)