Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I am back for a 2nd round of Ab work...and detox.

So it is official, I have gone off the deep end. Just kidding, I am really looking forward to putting it out there. I started working out at a new gym with my favorite trainer in the whole world, Brett Hoebel. Monday marked my first day, and I am into a great detox from sugar, carbs, gluten, mostly caffeine, dairy and fruit.

Monday, we also had the fit test, so we can compare our strength from our first day to our last. We were tested in crunches, leg lifts, plank and side plank, bicycles etc. I am not nearly as strong as I was six months ago, but I am sure I will get back there.

This time around, I have a built in support system,as Duncan is doing the program with me too. It will help to have him in class for moral support as well as to help share the cooking and eating. Yesterday, I spent some time at Trader Joes and bought a whole bunch of fresh veggies, lots of mushrooms, greens, broccoli, squashes, three types of lettuce, some egg whites , and turkey slices as well as ground turkey to make into meatballs or turkey burgers. So far Duncan made a really healthy chicken vegetable soup...and tonight I made homemade turkey burgers in marinara with squash and mushrooms.

The hardest time to be detoxing is the first week. I know once I get over the hump everything will be easier and I will feel better. I hope to be at 100% by Friday. Or next Monday.

I will try to keep a food journal here or at least the highlights of what I eat and report back. Happy Week.


Anonymous said...

Best wishes to you and Duncan with your diet and exercise program.

Melissa said...

I can do without everything but the caffeine. I think I would die without caffeine.