Sunday, December 14, 2008

Photos of the Abs, Last Week...and 2 below goal!!

revabs abs

It is unbelievable, but it is true! We are in the last week of rev abs classes, and I am so apprehensive and sad about them ending! I have gotten used to eating little meals 5 times a day, making my daily trek to the gym, and meeting up with my friends to get our butts kicked. I will miss them all dearly, and hope to keep this up and then some. On Saturday after a particularly fun kickboxing based class, we all took a steam, and I stepped up on the downstairs gym scale to find out I am 128 lbs!!! or 2 lbs below goal! I sure hope that when i weigh in at weight watchers tomorrow (Mon), it is the same weight. I didnt eat anything salty or naughty this weekend, so it shouldnt affect my weight!!

I made it! I have lost 32 lbs, and feel unbelievable. Today, I went shopping for some new clothes for our photo shoot this week. (You should see the list of things we need, none of which I now own). I did not find much, but bought a sequined minidress and a little blue ruffled dress, photos to follow. Our last class is Wed, Thursday and Friday are our photo shoots and infomercials and Thursday night is our Rev Abs dinner at a great downtown organic restaurant and bar (photos to follow from there as well, yeah!).

I cannot wait to go shopping at the Woodbury Commons for a whole new wardrobe, either right before or after Xmas, I haven't decided, get back out there for auditions and the job force.

I will keep you updated on this week's festivities. Be good, eat well and work out hard!



My new abs, my old jeans!!


pteilman said...

What an amazing accomplishment! Congratulations and keep up the good work! You should be very proud of yourself!!!!

Anonymous said...

You look so fabulous! You are now very, very fit as well as very, very beautiful. Congratulations on passing your goal. :)

Traveliztera said...

YOU totally inspired me to do REV ABS! :D