Thursday, December 11, 2008

Our official end of Rev Abs clothing swap and 2 lbs to go!!


So last weekend, I hosted the Official End of Rev Abs clothing swap, and it was loads of fun. We all had a bag or two of clothing that no longer fit, and sadly or happily, most of our clothes were too big. I have some fun photos from the day, and will upload them soon...One of the girls sent me hers (see below). I am home today with a slight cold, I have been unable to eat solid food for about 3-4 days, and can just hack some oatmeal and yogurt. I have been taking class despite my lack of food, but it all caught up with me last night, and I woke up feeling crampy, dizzy and out of sorts. I decided to take a day of rest, and let my body mend with some dayquil and pain meds. Tomorrow I head back into the gym, and am getting excited for our after photos, the infomercial shoot, and our official end party! I am 2 pounds away from my lifetime goal, and will be going to a WW meeting tomorrow to weigh in(hopefully the scale is the same at WW as at the gym again). 2 lbs! I never thought it would be possible...I thought it would take a year for sure to get even close to 30 lbs..and now it is just 2 measly little annoying pounds away. LOL. But i have far exceeded my size plans, and am a 4-6 so I am really happy!!! I hope to put this happiness into use with job searches and auditions in the New Year. This will be the first year that my #1 New Year's Resolution is NOT to lose weight..woohoo..

Enjoy your Thursday..






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Anonymous said...

Very impressive! Congratulations, you look absolutely wonderful now. :)