Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Making the testimonial for REV abs Part 1

rev abs ladies
Me with some of the rev abs ladies!

So today we started our testimonials for the final product of Rev Abs!! We all met at 1pm at a different gym (so the location is different in the video from another of Beachbody's products, Insanity). The cameramen set up, we all got out on the floor, and warmed up before a hard 2 hr workout with weights and ab exercises. Although I wasn't chosen to speak on video (sweaty or
otherwise), I put 100% into my workout, and had fun with it!! We really burned some calories today.
The second part of the testimonial will take part for me on Thursday at a studio for photos (my after photos) and my video testimonial. So what will I say? I will definitely let everyone know that I lost 20 lbs in 3 months using this program, and all of the inches (not sure what they are exactly). I will also let them know that this is real, it takes work and dedication, but we can make a change, one day at a time. Without surgery. Without yoyoing. Trendy diets. Just good old fashioned sweat and tears.
Speaking of tears, I have been an emotional mess today. On the verge of tears in class, I did not speak up and thank Brett in front of the class. I just could not. Not because I didnt want to, I was just afraid that I would start the waterworks, and not be able to stop. So when I got home, I sent him an email , telling him thanks. Tomorrow I am heading out to do some Xmas shopping, and will pick him, Mike and Rachel from Beachbody some little thank you gifties :).
So check out all the photos from today. And look for my next blog, where I will let you know the exact exercises that we did to get that way. I have had several requests for the exercises, and plan on sharing them...I just didnt want to post anything that might copyright infringe the program. But i think a crunch , is a crunch!

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Those pictures are amazing! I can't WAIT to see some of the exercises! Wow!