Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A sneak peek , and my first outing in NYC (and it was Italian!)

Well kind readers,

I did it! I went out to restaurant in NYC , and survived. LOL. It was not that hard. I read the entire menu, and evaluated the entrees, to find a smart low fat choice, without sauce, and make adjustments to satisfy my diet. I decided on the seared tuna, (no sauce) with a side of dark greens, and roasted tomatoes, with no butter or oil! Also, a small house salad, with no dressing, no cheese etc...
I really wanted the gnocchi, but knew there was no way, no how to make that possible!

And now on to the fun stuff. Today was a surprise weigh-in at the gym, and the upstairs scale said I was 134.5 . so I have 4.5 lbs to go until I make my weight watchers lifetime goal. I will be rejoining the week of Thanksgiving or after , and have to maintain it for 6 weeks before I become lifetime. I do hope to reach 120 at least once..but I know that I cannot maintain it, so it did not seem reasonable to make it my lifetime goal!

For really fun stuff. One of my friends asked to see photos of my progress so far. Now, keep in mind my after photos will not be taken until December 15th, so I still have a little over a month. These are by no means my after photos, they were taken by my hubby on my outdated digital camera, so please take that into consideration. Plus, my hair looks limp and yucky after being in a ponytail all day. But, I love the lil black dress from Daffy's in NYC :)

Photos in the next post!!!

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Yazmin said...

You have more will than I do woman...I would have just hit the gnocchi like it was going out of style and *attempted* to make accommodations elsewhere. lol