Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Clothes, and A Challenge....

So today was the first day that I went out with a mission in mind. Essentials.

I bought the beginning of my new Sz 6 wardrobe, and boy did I have fun!! I received a coupon for Ann Taylor's Friends and Family Sale after signing up on the site. The coupon was for 30% off my entire purchase , and it is good until Sunday.

  I saved it , and prepared my list of essentials (based on Tim Gunn's List). I had a $300 budget to start, and planned on buying some black dress pants, a black skirt, a sweater, and a dress for Thanksgiving. Once in the store, I walked around twice, and found the dress first!! I had to struggle with whether the 8 or 6 would fit better, and went with the 6. It was perfect.
**Photos have removed because they belonged to the store, and I didnt want to get in trouble for sharing them without permisssion

Very plain, simple but elegant, and perfect for some crazy shoes.
And after the discount, plus the extra discount for opening a card: $47.27 !!

After I found the dress, I found my mojo, and tried on black pants, a sweater, top, sequined top and a pretty blouse:

Cashmere! Nice..with a raspberry lacy top underneath, and a matching raspberry satin sash. And there are the most adorable little rhinestone buttons too! All together I spent $253, but did not find the skirt. So I have some money left to find the perfect pencil skirt.

This blouse will go with everything from jeans to a cute pencil skirt!

After the shopping, I worked out with rev abs, and then went to a party for the club members. There was wine, and appys but all I had was one chicken satay and a dab of sugar free peanut sauce.

So good was I !! LOL...

The Challenge:

Today Brett and Mike issued the entire rev abs group with a challenge. Tomorrow we are being weighed in, and if we can lose 90 lbs collectively (that equals out to about 2 lbs each), then we can come up with a reward for our entire class. I am going to think hard on this one, and come up with something good. Hopefully.

Any ideas??

Xo until tomorrow,


DaniBNYC said...

Yay Zoe! That's awesome, and the clothes are so cute. I was thinking a $50 gift card to Paragon or Sports Authority if we reach our goal... what do you think?
-Danielle (B) :)

Unknown said...

I *love* that sequined top!! Congrats on your splendid finds Zoe! :)

Hope you had a wonderful & festive Thanksgiving.
Jami (aka Bionic Beauty)