Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Goodbye 140s...

Hello all:

How is my diet going ?? Great!! Aside from a few hunger pangs here or there, I feel great. Friday , I passed the 140s heading into the 130s and I do not intend to ever go back

The exercise is still hard, but in a good way. I love to sweat, and achy legs make me feel like I am working hard.

Last night Tuesday, I took a fabulous hour and a half yoga class that was in candlelight, and no talking. Mozart played for the class and we did our postitions and followed the teacher to the music. It was a beautiful experience , and made me feel grounded.

This weekend, I am heading up Mt Beacon with some friends from the Rev Abs group..and I cannot wait to hike in nature. I looove hiking, I just never seem to have enough time for it lately.

I will take photos at the top!

More later..Stay strong and stay healthy.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations on getting below 140. That's great!

Looking forward to seeing the photos that you take.

Janine said...

Wow, just found your blog. Kinda wish I hadn't. Made me feel like I should go on a diet. I do need it....

Anonymous said...

Great blog. It really made me want to get back to yoga. I have gotten lazy.