Thursday, October 30, 2008

It is officially 25!!!

So even though it is "that week" in my cycle, and my health is at about 95%, I got on the scale after the steam room yesterday, and I lost another 2 lbs last week/beginning of this week....bringing my grand total to 25 this week! I am officially a size 6..and hope to be a 4 by December. I would like to lose another 15, but will be really happy with my next 5 ; reaching my original weight watcher's lifetime goal. As for the workouts, they are fab. I started keeping track of my stats: calories burned, time on the treadmill, and have a chart. We started to do sprints , and I will explain them in my next post!

Tomorrow is Halloween, and I have my costume already to go, AND it looks like the weather in NYC may cooperate for once. If I am having a "skinny "day, I will take some photos so you can see my progress, though I am waiting for the big reveal in December, and will take some pinup shots/bikini shots then! Something to look forward to.

Also, starting tonight I will be resurrecting my shoe blog, which I have abandoned due to my gym obsession. I have bought a bunch of new shoes/boots for the Fall, and have some new pairs that I am saving up to buy as well..When it is ready, I will post a link to that here (probably tomorrow am ).

Until then, stay healthy...stay away from the Halloween candy, eat an apple instead. Off to make some oatmeal.. YUM YUM

a very satisfied,

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Unknown said...

Well done, you are an inspiration!