Friday, October 24, 2008

I am aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive....

Phew...ok , now that I got that out. I have missed two days of workouts..ugh. And boy, do I feel blah about it.

Tomorrow I head back to the gym after I took 2 days off this week for much needed sicky bed rest, doctor's orders. Last night I got a full 8 hrs of sleep, and today I could smell, taste and hear for the first time in a week.

I have to go full force for the second half of this diet, and get to my first goal of 130 lbs. Then try for the second goal of 120. I will probably maintain at about 125-130 as long as I am toned..and my tummy gets as flat as it can be.

I tried on my Halloween costume yesterday, and bought the wig at Ricky's today, and it is really small ...tiny. I may or may not take photos in it depending how I feel that day.

Tomorrow should kick my butt in a good way, so I am gonna head into bed in a few for another full night of sleep.

Just wanted to let you know I live. And breathe. Even if I still have to take nasal spray to make that happen.

Have a good one. Stay healthy.


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Misty said...

your new masthead is great!

I was certain you had emailed me your mailing info for the giveaway but I can't find it anywhere. God bless web based email... Anyway, if you could send it again so I can send your book!