Saturday, October 25, 2008

Home in the Rain...

Ahhh it is nice to be home. Home sweet home. I haven't been in the house for almost 2 weeks because we had our carpet torn out, and hardwood floors put in. And, it looks gorge!

As for my health, I feel better. Still not 100% , but the congestion is much lighter than it has been, and I feel well enough to go to the gym, and do my workouts. I came home to attend the Zombie walk in Beacon, and it got rained out..and by rained out , I mean poured buckets out. It is just raining and raining up here!

Tomorrow I head back into the city with some winter clothes, boots, etc. and get to hang out with D, before he heads back up to Beacon for his day off.

Monday, it is back to the grind! This week, my goal is to workout at 100% everyday, and do at least 2 extra hours of cardio, if not three!

I want to lose at least 7 more lbs in November. And then the last 10 before January.

Not too bad of a goal I think. Now, let us see if I can do it!

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