Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Welcome to my Rollercoaster!! Hop in, Buckle up...

Joining the ride? Good. I just buckled myself in, and I am raring to go. Ready to take the world by storm. Prove that curvy,healthy women can be strong, not SKINNY, but strong! I am ready to be strong. And hey, since I am on this kick, I thought I would share. But there are soooo many questions..hmmmm where shall I start???

How did i get here? That is a good question. Sure it took time. Temptation. A little bit of laziness, a lot of comfortability. At the end of the day, my once well toned and curvacious body had become zaftig. Which is a nice way of saying I put on a whole bunch of weight. How much? At my heaviest, I weighed in at 160. (See photo)


This past last spring at I-CON. I tried to hide it with kimono dresses. But it is in there. Believe me, it is IN there.

Mind you, I was always a petite 5'4" girl. Back when I was studying dance, hanging out with my friends in clubs (dancing), single(not eating out in restaurants, unless on dates), and running around trying to get my career in order.

5'4" and 110. I weighed myself everyday in college. I had a weight chart next to my scale in my bedroom, and I weighed in everyday. I enjoyed being @107. But if I hit 110, I didnt eat for a day or two. Hey! I was young and stupid. And my metabolism was through the roof.

Now, I am quite a bit older. Married. Happy? Yes, I am blissful, but not with my appearance, or the way my skinny jeans fit. Or , should I say don't fit. So, I am embarking on an adventure.

Why am I blogging about it? Well.. I consider myself average. Pretty, yes, I am pretty, but pretty average. And maybe this blog will inspire women like me. Average women, who need a kick in the butt, some inspiration to lose 10,15 or 20 lbs. Not huge amounts, but just enough to feel tired, worn-out and well, less than average.

And I have the opportunity of a lifetime. I have been chosen to represent a new exercise program called REV ABS. I will be working on this new program for 3 months. Sept 8 ,2008-Dec 15 2008. I have three months to get my butt in gear. And my abs. The details?

Friday, I will find out how many details I can blog about this new program. I can tell you this. It includes a membership to a beautiful, exclusive gym in Midtown Manhattan:

The Sports Club LA 3 meals a day, 2 snacks and an hour a day with the trainer in a small group setting. If I can't lose weight with controlled food, and constant exercise, then when and how can I?? I do my "before " photos on Friday. If I can post one here, I will let you know. Otherwise, I will just add a recent photo that is accurate.

Just keep in mind,I weigh 146 lbs. I have lost 13 lbs on my own, by going to the gym and following the Weight Watchers principles. I want to lose 26 more. 26. That is a lot for my petite frame,but I am determined. And I need your support..and I want to support you.

Here we gooooooooooooooooooooooooo , it might be a bumpy ride, but I am ready and willing. And, determined.



Blogger said...

Hi Zoe, I just wanted to stop by and say Hello :) This is FaygoPop from OLS. I have a contest on my blog that I posted on Monday, I hope you will enter it, good luck!

Your blog looks great and I wish you all of the best with your weight loss and exercise program!


annulla said...

You sound totally motivated, and that's essential to any kind of success. Good luck!

Blather From Brooklyn

This Diva Travels said...

Hi Zoe!

This is liaisanangel from OLS. I always find your posts and threads were witty and smart. And you are fabu and gorgeous at any weight! I decided to check out your blog and noticed we are on a similar weight loss journey. I have lost over fifty pounds in two years by eating healthier and working with a trainer. I am now 155 lbs (at 5'10") and am joining a Biggest Loser-esque competition to lose another fifteen!

BTW, We both have a penchant for shoes and handbags! After my weight loss challenge I am indulging in a Linea Pelle!

Feel free to email me! Good luck!