Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saturday Night is alright for dancing?? ugh..not me!!

I am enjoying lazing around on the couch, achy muscles and all. Today, I took the train in from Beacon to take daily class, and it was really fun. It had more of a kickboxing bend to it, and although my body needs a break, it was fun to push it to its limits.

Last night I cheated on the diet for the first time, and had a green apple. Well, it is not really cheating, we were told we could have green apples since they don't have a lot of sugar in them, and since I had two in the fridge, I could not resist!!

Today I feel pretty full, and am convinced that my stomach is probably shrinking, and I won't need as much food to feel full. In any case, they added an extra serving of protein to our diets, so we have 6 meals now. WOOHOOO!!

A rundown of today's meals as well as tomorrows. There are some new foods added including a yummy veggie burger with some kind of sauce...


Broccoli and cauliflower egg white popover (I added a bit of hot sauce)

Balsamic chicken with carrots (ate this on the train before class, like a good little student , I am trying to eat every two hours)

Veggie Burger with a piece of grilled eggplant. Delish. Ate this a couple of hours ago.

Chicken salad with chopped celery over greens! YUM!

Sesame crusted scallops with snap peas.

and the snack for the train ride home was a curried tofu salad , which I was delish!

Tomorrow, is my first day off from the workout since we started, but I am taking an 11 am yoga class with my mom..and then running a couple of miles, so my body can rest, but also keep the metabolism going.

Tomorrow's food:

Farmers scramble with farm fresh vegetables

White fish salad

Roasted turkey sliced over fresh baby spinach salad

Balsamic chicken strips

Coriander dusted chicken with broccoli rabe.

Sounds good to me, though I miss my sushi badly!

I also stopped at a cute new store on 5th ave on the way home after class, and treated myself to a new adorable workout tee. I will find the site and share it with you tomorrow. Have a good night, and stay healthy!


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