Sunday, September 21, 2008

Saturday and Sunday flew by....

Well..(phew), I made it through another weekend without cheating!! Woohoo...although this morning when I woke up, I did start to think about those BIG NYC brunches that we used to eat!

Instead, I warmed up my asparagus,cauliflower and egg white popover (for the 2nd time this weekend) added a dab of hot sauce and ate it in front of the computer catching up on fashion news!!

Yesterday, I had the day off from the workout to help my mom with a HUGE yard sale at the Stormville Airport...and Duncan and I brought a table, and sold some of our junk too(we made $60). It was fabulous being outside all day, but I did not expect the strong sun, and have a very bad sunburn on my arms, hands and chest (owies!).
My only weakness came at the end of the day (2pmish) when for the 6th hour of wafting sweet dough smells continued to torment me (from the Fried Dough tent across from our spot).I had had it, and kept leaving the table to "take a walk". Ugh!!

Today will be easier as I am taking the train to the city tonight, and am ready for our official weigh in, measurements and back into the swing of things tomorrow. I will report back then, (hopefully with all good news).

Food from the past couple of days:

Kale and sundried tomato eggwhite popover (not my fave, I dont really care for sundried tomatoes that much, and the kale is a little strong for breakfast)

Veggie burger with button mushrooms (absolutely delicious, really good veggie burger)

Tuna salad over fresh baby spinach with hardboiled egg white and crudites (yeah!!)

Balsamic chicken strips with salad (not too bad cold)

Shrimp Provencal served with escarole (absolutely wonderful, the shrimp dishes have been my fave so far)

Popover with cauliflower and chopped asparagus (have three of these for sat, sun and mon breakfast, this is for tomorrow breakfast)

Homemade turky and veggie soup (YUM) for sunday as well

Rosemary chicken with chickory and diced tomatoes

Turkey meatballs with veggies (really wonderfully spiced and yummy!)


Cauliflower and asparagus popover (ate this cold at the yard sale)

Lentil salad (yummy again)

Wild Salmon Salad over mesculn

Veggie chili with chick peas and broccoli (spicy and fabulous)

Shrimp with veggies (in a wonderful faux scampi sauce)


My 2nd asparagus popover (ugh)added hot sauce today and warmed it up.

Turkey and veggie soup (saved one for tomorrow and switched days)

The rest to be eaten tonight!!

Heading out for the train soon...

Stay well and stay healthy!! Keep on point and add some more walking this week!!


3 comments: said...

Those meals all sound delicious. Best wishes.

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear that you got sunburned.:(

Congratulations on resisting the temptation of the fried dough.

Emily ~ Little Window Shoppe said...

I'm so glad that you stopped by my blog today. I'm quite the "shoe-aholic" too. Best wishes with your diet and exercise plan. My hubby is a Health teacher and coach and he helps me stay in line with my exercise plans as well.