Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Photo Shoot...

 Yesterday afternoon I had the photo shoot and first testimonial video for REV Abs. I walked in and from the very first second was amazed at how organized the entire shoot was. All of the   participants were handed a plastic bag for our outfits, and a clipboard to check each activity along the way.

First, I was led upstairs to pick out a sports outfit. Although I brought my own, (I have to confess) my idea of a workout outfit is black pants and a black t-shirt, or a dark colored tee, not the colorful choices that were hanging on the racks. Since I had cute (although a bit too small, and definitely not for public consumption)black with pink piping American Apparel daisy duke like cotton shorts of my own, we picked out a matching pink Nike sports bra from the wardrobe rack. Adorned with a black silky robe (again, such a colorful choice I brought from home) I tiptoed downstairs to get my outfit approved before heading into hair and makeup. I had put on my own makeup at home, since an email I received said to "come ready". My brows were penciled in a bit, my lipstick toned down, and my hair was pulled back into a ponytail.

Then, finally, I was ready for my before shots and stepped up to the pink tape on the floor. With the unflattering bright lights, and bare white wall behind me , how great could I look? UGH. I guess the worse I look before, the better I look after right?

Next, on to the jean portion of the photos. I picked out my size, and the jeans didn't produce enough of a muffin top, so I was told to put on a size smaller. I actually liked the tighter jean anyway, but hated the way my skin puffed over the side. More photos, and this time the movie camera moved in and I was asked questions about why I wanted to do the program, and what I wanted to get out of it. Of course I want nice abs, to lose weight, feel attractive and be proud of my body rather than hiding it with layers of fabric. I answered honestly and proudly of being picked and doing this!!

After the video portion, I changed back into the workout shorts for my measurements, which unfortunately I don't have copies of. I guess I will get a copy when the program is over, and I will find out how many inches I lose etc.. I did hear my bust size, which surprised me. I am a 38. And all of this time, I have been wearing 36dd bras :) OOPS!

I chatted a while with the program leaders and they answered my questions truthfully. I wanted to know if I could eat out in restaurants at all, and have Pinkberry once in a while, and they really do not want me to stray from the food supplied. I hope they have peanut butter energy bars once in a while. Boy, I am going to miss peanut butter.

On the way out, they gave me Omega 3 pills and a big bottle of chocolate protein powder, which we will start using after the first 2 weeks. Also, they handed out informational packets so I have a little more info on the entire program.

The abs instructor is Brett Hoebel and the leaders are Mike and Rachel.

I am so excited to start on Monday, but before I do I am having some pizza and ice-cream..they will be part of my Last Supper before I begin. (I know, naughty!).

I will keep you posted. Eat well and have fun and enjoy your weekend,

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Blogger said...

That sounds so exciting, Zoe! I bet you can't wait to get rolling...well, after your last supper of course ;)

I will be following your progress, maybe it will inspire me to get moving!