Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My worst weight fear...

As you know, my worst fear right now with this plan is gaining weight. Or, at least regaining the weight that I am losing. SO you can imagine my disdain when late Sunday night Aunt Flo decides to make a visit, early!! Ugh. Knowing full well that I had a weigh in on Monday,( to make sure the weekend was not a bust), I anticipated that my weight would be up from bloating and water weight. But to tell you the truth, it really wasn't. So..I should be ok.

Today, with cramps and the usual monthly nonsense, I did not think I would get through the workout. But, I did. And it felt good. My whole shirt was soaked..all the way down to the butt, and boy was I sweaty. In a good way.

Friday , we get weighed in again..and our measurements will be taken. And starting next week we get FRUIT!!! woohoooo..although I may stay on the more strict diet if i can, since it is working.

I am officially no longer considered overweight for Weight Watchers and in just a little while will figure out my BMI!!!

Also, I will be back with my food lists so you can follow along.

Stay well and stay healthy,


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Anonymous said...

My best wishes for your success with this diet and exercise program. *hugs you*