Monday, September 8, 2008

First Day of REV ABS, I made it through....

I am so excited to share with you the first day of my REV ABS program. The weekend went by in a blur, I was so focused on Monday and getting started. I got to the gym a couple minutes early, and the first thing we did was get our photos taken for our gym id's. Ugh, another "before" photo as far as I am concerned.

Then we were weighed again (I opted for my shoes and clothes on, so I weighed more), and then led to the large workout room to meet everyone, and especially our amazing trainer, Brett!

We were given a motivational speech, introduced to everyone involved and eventually we got our mats and began a hardcore 30 minute workout. Usually, it will be an hour, but because of the intros, we ran out of time.

Right away, I knew I was going to get my butt kicked. I love feeling my muscles ache, and the sweat pour down my face. Absolutely love it. We did circuits of several ab, back and cardio exercises, and I felt great when the half hour was over. I will tell you more in detail when I memorize the names of everything. For now, I know I have to perfect my plank to the point where I can lift a leg in back, or an arm in front and still maintain balance and tightness of the abs.

After our intro class, we lined up for another polaroid for Brett, so he can learn our names, and then our "lunchboxes".

I am sure like me, you would like to know what was inside my box??? Well, I will tell you. 5 meals. Small, portioned. Not sweet, not very salty. Delicious, protein based meals. And the snacks? Not what I expected..not protein bars, or apples with peanut butter. In fact, no fruit at all. Which worries me in the bathroom dep't. Ugh. Lets not go there.

By now, you may have the idea that I like sweets. And well I do. Even just a sweet taste in my mouth. Well, that is going to change. Because, nothing in the box is sweet.

Here is what was in it. 5 Tupperware containers with numbers on them. #3 is the one I ate first, as #1 and #2 are for tomorrow before class. #3 was a turkey burger (no bun) on a bed of lettuce (sauce on the side) and a side of homemade vinegar based coleslaw. It was pretty good, actually. I love turkey burgers, and eat them all of the time anyway, so this was a good choice for me. I put a bit of sauce on the burger, and warmed it up. YUM!

Then, I had more water. Water is key to any diet plan, or exercise regime, and I really try to always have some by my side, either in bottle or glass. I refill my bottles from my Brita, and I am good to go.

After class, and getting our food, I headed over to the Sports Authority and bought myself some new kicks, some pretty black Nikes for class. And some push up bars. I used a GC that I won from a sweepstake, so only had to shell out $11. woohooo..

Then, I met my friend M at the NYSC (I may give my membership up), to catch up on her life, and did a slow walk on the treadmill climber thing, burning just 250 calories. I don't want to tire my body in the beginning , or burn through too many of the calories for the diet. THAT is not the point. Mostly, I just wanted to catch up with her,and make it a social thing.

Back at home, I prepared my "snack" #1 for the night, and am eating it as I write this. It is a delicious Cucumber salad with fresh bell peppers and red onion. It is small, but yummy, and already I feel fuller. Is that a word? More full?? Whatevs...

I am psyched for dinner: Orange roughy Provencal, with artichokes and capers served over a bed of escarole. I can't wait for fish. I looove fish.

This will be my first night without a WW bar (peanut butter, choc rasp, or oatmeal) to finish off the meal with something sweet so I hope by hiding them, and clearing out pretty much everything else I will not stray. I WILL be strong...

Tomorrow I will tell you all about breakfast, and snack #2, which I will be eating tomorrow,as it is already 9 pm and I will have the fish at 10ish, before I head to sleep at 1.

Also tomorrow, I head to at 5pm to record a vampire book , so I wont be checking in right away, if I am exhausted. Until then, stay healthy.


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pteilman said...

I imagine you're unbelievably tired and sore getting going on this. I had always thought I was in pretty decent shape until my physical therapist made me do "planks" and "bridges" and some moves I thought were jokes and then realized he was serious! Keep up the good work, as I'm sure in a few weeks like you'll start feeling amazing.