Thursday, September 11, 2008

Checking in the Night of "Day 3"

I am totally exhausted between the workout, and recording my Harlequin vampire book in two days. It was a fun read, but I am glad to concentrate solely on the workout tomorrow and explore the new gym. I may try to sneak in my camera tomorrow for some photos :)

So I am going to give you a rundown of the diet for the first 3 days, and the basic exercises. Basically, each day we concentrate on a new area, or type of workout, aerobic or anareobic. After three days of squats, jumping jacks, weight training, plank position, etc my butt hurts, my quads are sore, and my abs ache every time i take a good breath. It is a good burn, and I am really conscious of how my body feels now. I really love the workout, even if my clothes get soaked, and I feel gross halfway

I took my first epsom salt bath this morning, and will be taking another one tomorrow, my muscles really felt better after, and hopefully they will start to adapt to this workout regime.

Food for the first 3 days :(Keep in mind that I do not eat red meat, or pork)

Day 1:

Chopped zucchini and cauliflower egg-white omelet
All white chicken salad with chopped celery
Turkey burger with homemade coleslaw
Cucumber salad with fresh bell peppers and red onion
Orange roughy Provencal with artichokes and capers , serverd over escarole

Day 2:

Egg whites with chopped asparagus and roaster peppers (frittata style)
Unsalted raw macadamia nuts
South American seasoned chicken with broccoli rabe
Homemade veggie soup
Baked salmon with spinach and mushrooms

Day 3:

Egg white scramble with chopped broccoli and salsa
Tuna and cucumber salad in vinagrette
Argentine salmon over arugula
Raw almonds
Lemon thyme chicken with string beans and fennel

Yum to most everything. I especially love the way the fish has been prepared, as well as the greens.

You must notice that there is no sugar on this diet so far, and very low carb content. One of the hardest times/things for me to give up is my late night pretzel or popcorn fix. I really do love the weight watchers one point bars to end the night too, so I am used to something sweet. Also, giving up cereal , and yogurt with fruit is really really hard.

I hope I start to see the work on my body soon. You will be the first to know.

Stay well, eat healthy and feel good.


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