Friday, September 12, 2008

Aching muscles and a newfound lust for milk products??

I never thought that much about yogurt. I mean , it tastes good. I love it with fresh berries, and especially frozen yogurt. Pinkberry anyone? I did not realize how much I missed it until today. Day 4 without milk products of any kind. Until tonight. Much to my surprise, I opened one of my meal portions tonight, turkey chili with broccoli on the side, and there was a tiny container of some kind of cheese. Soy maybe?? Who cares...I put it in the microwave, melted it a tiny bit on the chili and the broccoli and it was delicious. Now all night I am having fantasies of frozen yogurt, soy milk shakes, nonfat ww shakes anything

Today was a particularly hard day. Besides it being September 11, which always puts me in a somber, sad mood anyway, my muscles ached, and I did not think I could make it through the exercises. Today they were revved up a bit faster, and harder..and wow did I hurt at the end of it all. But, thankfully, I did have time to go to the steam room after!! Woohoo...

Tonight , checking in at midnight, my legs are less achy and although I did slip a bit and make a Senseo (oooh i need a coffee every once in a while) I feel good.

I know tomorrow will be difficult, but I am excited. The workout makes me feel good , and I look forward to finding out what the meals will be.

Today :

Marinated Asian chicken kabob with sugar-free peanut sauce, and boy how delicious the peanut taste was. I ate every drop of the sauce.

Seasoned Baked Tilapia with steamed kale.

Turkey Chili over chopped broccoli with a side of soy cheddar. YUM CHHHEEESE!!!

I am saving my last snack for an early lunch tomorrow because I am meeting my friend, D for a lunch in the park!! I can't wait to see her :)

Breakfast tomorrow will be: asparagus and shrimp egg white omelet. Yum again..hehehehe.

Until tomorrow, stay healthy and have fun.



pteilman said...

Wow, the diet sounds good, but also tough when you totally give up certain food groups. It will take the weight off quickly. I wish I could commit to the same diet plan, but I tend to cheat after about 2 weeks. I've struggled the past couple of days, but I trying to stay motivated by reading your blog!

Syed Zeeshan Ali said...
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