Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Making the testimonial for rev abs part 2

Well , Happy New Year:) I cannot wait to party hard tomorrow night, but in the meantime, I thought I would tell you all about the filming and photo shoot for the rev abs testimonial.

The whole thing took place at a studio on the West side, and I showed up right on time. The first thing I had to do was get into the outfit I originally wore for the before shoot. I am happy to say the sports bra was so big, we had to clip it in back with clips. Yay! Then on to hair and makeup (a ponytail, and light daytime makeup) for the photo shoot, with a white wall background. Several poses in the sports outfit, then on to the "too tight jeans" from the before shoot. They were nice and baggy so we took some photos of me pulling them out and showing the space between the jeans and me :) Then it was time to take my hair down and head upstairs to wardrobe to pick out some new tops for my rev abs testimonial. This was fun. I tried on all colors and fabrics of tanks, and tees, and we finally decided on a pink polka dotted cotton tank. I was already to go, my makeup touched up and when I got in front of the lights, it turns out the tank was see-thru. So.....

Back to wardrobe to find another choice. Our final decision : a fuschia Stella McCartney for Adidas sports bra..cute!

The interview lasted about 20 minutes, and covered my experience with rev abs, what I wanted out of the program, and how it changed me. I was honest, and although it was hard not to get too emotional , I held back until the very end, when the tears slipped out. I cannot wait to see if I "make the cut" and am included in the infomerical. I sure hope I am. If not, the only thing that matters is how much it changed my life.

How has it been since the program ended. I am not going to lie. It has been difficult, and I have cheated somewhat on the carbs end. I had a turkey burger, and ate half of the roll!! Also, I broke down and had some ice cream last night (friendly's peppermint, yum).

Tomorrow I am having a huge gourmet meal, but then back to the 5 meal a day , low carb plan come the 1rst! Also, I will be using this blog as a food diary as well as an exercise diary.

SO hang in there, and Happy New Years!! I will be back with photos from our After Party! And my story of my shopping spree #1 as well as the exercises from rev abs....


Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Making the testimonial for REV abs Part 1

rev abs ladies
Me with some of the rev abs ladies!

So today we started our testimonials for the final product of Rev Abs!! We all met at 1pm at a different gym (so the location is different in the video from another of Beachbody's products, Insanity). The cameramen set up, we all got out on the floor, and warmed up before a hard 2 hr workout with weights and ab exercises. Although I wasn't chosen to speak on video (sweaty or
otherwise), I put 100% into my workout, and had fun with it!! We really burned some calories today.
The second part of the testimonial will take part for me on Thursday at a studio for photos (my after photos) and my video testimonial. So what will I say? I will definitely let everyone know that I lost 20 lbs in 3 months using this program, and all of the inches (not sure what they are exactly). I will also let them know that this is real, it takes work and dedication, but we can make a change, one day at a time. Without surgery. Without yoyoing. Trendy diets. Just good old fashioned sweat and tears.
Speaking of tears, I have been an emotional mess today. On the verge of tears in class, I did not speak up and thank Brett in front of the class. I just could not. Not because I didnt want to, I was just afraid that I would start the waterworks, and not be able to stop. So when I got home, I sent him an email , telling him thanks. Tomorrow I am heading out to do some Xmas shopping, and will pick him, Mike and Rachel from Beachbody some little thank you gifties :).
So check out all the photos from today. And look for my next blog, where I will let you know the exact exercises that we did to get that way. I have had several requests for the exercises, and plan on sharing them...I just didnt want to post anything that might copyright infringe the program. But i think a crunch , is a crunch!

Until tomorrow,



the boys :)girl



Sunday, December 14, 2008

Photos of the Abs, Last Week...and 2 below goal!!

revabs abs

It is unbelievable, but it is true! We are in the last week of rev abs classes, and I am so apprehensive and sad about them ending! I have gotten used to eating little meals 5 times a day, making my daily trek to the gym, and meeting up with my friends to get our butts kicked. I will miss them all dearly, and hope to keep this up and then some. On Saturday after a particularly fun kickboxing based class, we all took a steam, and I stepped up on the downstairs gym scale to find out I am 128 lbs!!! or 2 lbs below goal! I sure hope that when i weigh in at weight watchers tomorrow (Mon), it is the same weight. I didnt eat anything salty or naughty this weekend, so it shouldnt affect my weight!!

I made it! I have lost 32 lbs, and feel unbelievable. Today, I went shopping for some new clothes for our photo shoot this week. (You should see the list of things we need, none of which I now own). I did not find much, but bought a sequined minidress and a little blue ruffled dress, photos to follow. Our last class is Wed, Thursday and Friday are our photo shoots and infomercials and Thursday night is our Rev Abs dinner at a great downtown organic restaurant and bar (photos to follow from there as well, yeah!).

I cannot wait to go shopping at the Woodbury Commons for a whole new wardrobe, either right before or after Xmas, I haven't decided, get back out there for auditions and the job force.

I will keep you updated on this week's festivities. Be good, eat well and work out hard!



My new abs, my old jeans!!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Our official end of Rev Abs clothing swap and 2 lbs to go!!


So last weekend, I hosted the Official End of Rev Abs clothing swap, and it was loads of fun. We all had a bag or two of clothing that no longer fit, and sadly or happily, most of our clothes were too big. I have some fun photos from the day, and will upload them soon...One of the girls sent me hers (see below). I am home today with a slight cold, I have been unable to eat solid food for about 3-4 days, and can just hack some oatmeal and yogurt. I have been taking class despite my lack of food, but it all caught up with me last night, and I woke up feeling crampy, dizzy and out of sorts. I decided to take a day of rest, and let my body mend with some dayquil and pain meds. Tomorrow I head back into the gym, and am getting excited for our after photos, the infomercial shoot, and our official end party! I am 2 pounds away from my lifetime goal, and will be going to a WW meeting tomorrow to weigh in(hopefully the scale is the same at WW as at the gym again). 2 lbs! I never thought it would be possible...I thought it would take a year for sure to get even close to 30 lbs..and now it is just 2 measly little annoying pounds away. LOL. But i have far exceeded my size plans, and am a 4-6 so I am really happy!!! I hope to put this happiness into use with job searches and auditions in the New Year. This will be the first year that my #1 New Year's Resolution is NOT to lose weight..woohoo..

Enjoy your Thursday..






Friday, December 5, 2008

3 lbs to lifetime goal!! And an extra week as a surprise.

Hello! So the Thanksgiving shenanigans are all over, and X-Mas, Hanukkah, and New Years are upon I decided to join Weight Watchers before Rev Abs is finished. Which is not as soon as I thought it was going to be. In fact, we will be working out until the 17th or 18th, and then doing the photos and infomercial the 17th -20th. So, I have a week more than I originally thought. Yahooo.

I went back to Weight Watchers, and weighed in at 133 even, so I have exactly 3 lbs until lifetime goal. Then, I have to stay at that goal or under for 6 weeks to become a lifetime member. YAY!! I am soooo almost there. But, it will be hard, because I am starting to get food cravings, and have added in bars again. I dont really want the bars (they are Luna, and are super yummy), but they do fulfill the sweet tooth that I have..and my monthly cravings as well. I will just have to get in some extra workouts next week to make up for it.

Sunday is the official rev abs clothing swap, and I am hosting I hope it goes well! I will take photos and share them next week as well. Until then, have a very happy weekend, and stay healthy!!

Sunday, November 30, 2008

Shopping at the Health Food Store, a Cleanse, and New Recipes!


Me and my cousins & uncle Mark at Thanksgiving


Me, my Mom and my Aunt JoAnn at


Dear Readers-
 I  didn't tell you, but because of the holiday Rev Abs members were not given food for the weekend. So,we were on our own for the first time in three months. I was apprehensive at first, but decided to break it down and make it easier. First, I saved up a couple of meals, and then starting searching sites for recipes for easy to make, healthy meals. I know I can always just have a "salad", but that tends to get repetitive and boring at home.

Yesterday I took a jaunt into Beacon and stopped at the health food store. I walked the aisles taking mental notes on food I want to try after these 90 days. Gluten free pastas, Low fat brownie mixes, all kinds of cool things.

But for now, I tried to stay within the limits of this food plan and bought firm tofu, to make curried tofu salad. Organic spinach,to make an egg white omelet. Almond milk, to put a splash into tea and coffee makes it special, and it is lowfat! ALso some spices, and a 7 day cleanse.

I had lots of veggies left over from I mixed them all in with the tofu and created this recipe:

Curried Tofu Salad
Salad -

4 teaspoons dried minced onion
1/2 cup soy mayonnaise
2 1/2 tablespoon curry powder
1/2 teaspoon paprika
450 grams / 1 pound firm tofu cut into chunks
2 cups chopped vegetables, carrots, celery,peas
1 teaspoon lemon juice

Mix everything up in a bowl and cover it. Throw it in your fridge and eat it tomorrow or later today.

Not too bad. I like the flavor. The tofu got a bit mushy but it tasted fine. The spice was nice, and it made several portions so I have some for all week if I want more.

As for the cleanse, I started it today, so I will let you know how it works over the next few days.

Have a fabulous Sunday Night!!


Friday, November 28, 2008

I made it through Thanksgiving, AND went to the gym...

  Well it has been a whirlwind two days..but I survived!Now, I just need to get through Xmas and New Years with no weight gain and I am home free!! I spent Thanksgiving at my Mom's house in New Windsor, and loved spending time with them. Eating within my meal plan was super easy. I packed my bag with two premade had lowfat turkey chili, and the other was celery sticks with almond butter. Instead of my usual two treats that I make: Baked Brie in Croute and Death by Chocolate, I volunteered to make crudities (raw veggies of broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, red pepper, and celery) with a nonfat sugar free curry onion dip. Recipe below!
When it came time for the main meal (which my mom laid out like a buffet), I made my dish up with my premade main meal, added some asparagus (which my mom made for me, yay), and warmed my plate up. I stuck to my plate and was not tempted in the least by the mashed potatoes, turkey, cranberry sauce, stuffing or most importantly my fave: sweet potato pie with pineapple, coconut and rum added , yum!

I helped clear the dishes, and set up the desserts, and treated myself to a lovely warm mug of coffee...yummm, and then sat away from the food for the rest of the night. A couple of hrs later, when people started to pick again, I took the celery sticks out and almond butter and noshed with them (the healthy grazing way).

Today was Black Friday, and at first I had planned on maybe heading out for some cheap wii games, or digital frames. But, on second thought, i decided to wait for Cyber Monday, and sit in the warmth of my home. I did pick up a couple of things for Duncan's stocking (shhh do not tell him)...on Amazon, and I made my list for family requests. In the afternoon, I headed to my upstate Gym: Gold's Gym for 2 hrs of cardio sprints, ab intervals and weight training. I worked out 800 calories all by myself and feel sooo proud. Now I can relax in front of the boob tube and continue unpacking boxes of stuff we packed when we did the floors.

I am a little scared of this program ending, but i do have my backup plan in place, 2 gyms, occasional personal training, and lots of cardio. I have 4 lbs until i hit my lifetime goal..and I am not stopping now!!

Happy , Safe and Merry.

Curry Dip:

Source: dLife

Prep Time: 3 hours
Cook Time: 0 minutes
Difficulty: Easy

Nutrition Facts

Makes 12 servings

Amount Per Serving

Calories 39.5

Total Carbs 6.8g

Dietary Fiber 0.8g

Sugars 3.7g

Total Fat 1.1g

Saturated Fat 0.2g

Unsaturated Fat 0.9g

Potassium 23.4mg

Protein 0.8g

Sodium 252.6mg

1 1/2 cup fat free mayonnaise
1/2 cup fat free sour cream
1/4 fresh green onions , thinly sliced
2 tsp horseradish sauce
2 tsp curry powder
2 tsp sugar (i used splenda instead so my sis could eat it)
3 tsp fresh lemon juice
1 pinch salt and pepper

1 In a large bowl, mix mayonnaise, sour cream, green onions, horseradish, curry powder, and sugar.
2 Season to taste with lemon juice, salt and white pepper.
3 Refrigerate for several hours for flavors to blend.
4 Serve with dippers

I used broccoli florets, cauliflower, carrots, celery and red pepper. Enjoy and Bon Appetit.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Thanksgiving, Black Friday Deals and Steals and Sample Sales

Just wanted to write a quick note to wish all of you Happy Thanksgiving!! Have a wonderful day tomorrow , eat well, travel safe!! Give thanks.

As for Friday,I am not sure where I am headed yet. I have not quite looked at all the sales, and I usually try to avoid crowds.

As for the upcoming sales, there are so many I just cannot try and stay on top of here are a few that I am going to check out:

I loooove Hanky Panky , and picked up some great stuff at this sale last year.


December 2 – 5, 2008


Tues. 12/2 8:30am – 8:00pm

Wed. 12/3 8:30am – 8:00pm

Thurs. 12/4 8:30am – 7:00pm

Fri. 12/5 9:00am – 1:00pm


260 Fifth Ave. (between 28th – 29th Sts.)

Street Level

New York City

For Inquiries Call: 212 725 4996


Visit our website at


and for gifties:

Accessories Sample Sale

Just in time for the holiday season, shop women and kids accessories at 75-90% off retail prices. Many styles have been featured in top fashion magazines and can be found in leading department and specialty stores.
Jewelry $2-$10
Handbags $5-$10
Cold weather accessories $3-$8
Hair accessories $1-$3
Hosiery $1-$3
Slippers $5-$10
Footwear $3-$5
Throws & blankets $4-$8
Novelty items $2-$5
Outerwear $5-$10
Sleepwear $5-$10
Fashion hats $3-$5

Event Begins: 11/24/2008
Event Ends: 1/5/2009
Event Times: Mon-Sat 9am-9pm
Sun 11am-7pm

Location: 389 5th Ave.
(corner of 36th St)
New York, NY 10016

Payment Types: Cash/MC/VISA/AMEX/DIS/JCB

Great bangles and stuff:

Alexia Crawford - Holiday Sample Sale

For the latest trends that are in the making and for every accessory worth buying, shop Alexia Crawford's month long holiday sample sale event! This event will feature fantastic jewelry and accessories at fabulous prices. Treat yourself and save up to 80% off wholesale prices! Tags range from $5-$ 10 on fashion jewelry, $12-$25 handbags/clutches, and one-of-a-kind pieces all specially priced. Ring sizes 6, 7, and 8 are available. Shop now for the best selection!

Event Begins: 11/28/2008
Event Ends: 12/24/2008
Event Times: Mon-Fri 9am-7pm

Location: 35 W. 36th St.
(btwn. 5th & 6th Aves.)
11th Fl
New York, NY 10018
(212) 629-6615
Payment Types: Cash/MC/VISA/AMEX/DIS - No Checks

La Perla - Women's & Men's Sample Sale

La Perla is having their winter blowout sample sale. There will be an assortment of lingerie, sleepwear, ready-to-wear, swimwear, and men’s underwear all marked 75% off retail prices. Here a just a few examples of what you will find:
La Perla balconnet bras with floral design in black and red with elastic and adjustable straps, personalized with La Perla logo now $67, orig. $268
La Perla black slip-stretch satin lace bra with adjustable straps now $85, orig. $346
Grigio Perla men’s round neck t-shirt in white or grey now $16, orig. $65

Event Begins: 11/24/2008
Event Ends: 11/28/2008
Event Times: Mon-Wed 9am-6pm
Thu 9am-3pm
Fri 9am-7pm

Location: 260 5th Ave (28th and 29th Sts)
Ground Fl.
New York, NY 10001
(212) 725-5400

Payment Types: Cash/MC/VISA/AMEX - No Checks

Thursday, November 20, 2008

New Clothes, and A Challenge....

So today was the first day that I went out with a mission in mind. Essentials.

I bought the beginning of my new Sz 6 wardrobe, and boy did I have fun!! I received a coupon for Ann Taylor's Friends and Family Sale after signing up on the site. The coupon was for 30% off my entire purchase , and it is good until Sunday.

  I saved it , and prepared my list of essentials (based on Tim Gunn's List). I had a $300 budget to start, and planned on buying some black dress pants, a black skirt, a sweater, and a dress for Thanksgiving. Once in the store, I walked around twice, and found the dress first!! I had to struggle with whether the 8 or 6 would fit better, and went with the 6. It was perfect.
**Photos have removed because they belonged to the store, and I didnt want to get in trouble for sharing them without permisssion

Very plain, simple but elegant, and perfect for some crazy shoes.
And after the discount, plus the extra discount for opening a card: $47.27 !!

After I found the dress, I found my mojo, and tried on black pants, a sweater, top, sequined top and a pretty blouse:

Cashmere! Nice..with a raspberry lacy top underneath, and a matching raspberry satin sash. And there are the most adorable little rhinestone buttons too! All together I spent $253, but did not find the skirt. So I have some money left to find the perfect pencil skirt.

This blouse will go with everything from jeans to a cute pencil skirt!

After the shopping, I worked out with rev abs, and then went to a party for the club members. There was wine, and appys but all I had was one chicken satay and a dab of sugar free peanut sauce.

So good was I !! LOL...

The Challenge:

Today Brett and Mike issued the entire rev abs group with a challenge. Tomorrow we are being weighed in, and if we can lose 90 lbs collectively (that equals out to about 2 lbs each), then we can come up with a reward for our entire class. I am going to think hard on this one, and come up with something good. Hopefully.

Any ideas??

Xo until tomorrow,

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

My last Pair of Skinny!!!

It is official, every last piece of clothing, including my 28 skinny Jeans from Earl Jeans fit!! Sadly, my too-big pile has grown and filled two big plastic containers, but I am not sad. I am happy. I have a whole new "old" wardrobe to shop through. And, I have been promised not one, but two shopping sprees, so I have lots to look forward to. I really need a cute outfit for Thanksgiving, so any suggestions would be surely appreciated. I have seen some cute dresses on the way to the gym in the Ann Taylor, Banana Republic and J Crew windows, and since it is with the whole family, I can stand to be more conservative in style.
This photo was taken this past weekend at Mansion, a club in NYC with my friend and former Boot Camp trainer, Dara! We had a blast, and I cannot wait to hang out with her and my good friend Megan again.
Today Brett taught us stretches, and boy did I need them. I now know how to roll out the pain, but even so my glutes are on fire!!
I have started searching for recipes for the post-REV abs return to cooking. So if you run across any, please feel free to share :)

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Thanksgiving is approaching....

Hello dear readers-

 I don't know about you, but for me Thanksgiving is largely about eating a huge dinner with family and/or friends. I am not sure what will be in my "lunchbox" for Thanksgiving this year, but I am going to stick to it as much as possible, and hang out near the crudities before we eat. I have been preparing for this meal for a while, and checking out cool sites for lowfat/no sugar added recipes. I found some great ones and will share them with you. After I get back from the gym. Hey, I am no think just because it is a rainy Sat afternoon in NYC I get to sleep in?? lol...

Have fun,

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Photos!! (little black dress)



A sneak peek , and my first outing in NYC (and it was Italian!)

Well kind readers,

I did it! I went out to restaurant in NYC , and survived. LOL. It was not that hard. I read the entire menu, and evaluated the entrees, to find a smart low fat choice, without sauce, and make adjustments to satisfy my diet. I decided on the seared tuna, (no sauce) with a side of dark greens, and roasted tomatoes, with no butter or oil! Also, a small house salad, with no dressing, no cheese etc...
I really wanted the gnocchi, but knew there was no way, no how to make that possible!

And now on to the fun stuff. Today was a surprise weigh-in at the gym, and the upstairs scale said I was 134.5 . so I have 4.5 lbs to go until I make my weight watchers lifetime goal. I will be rejoining the week of Thanksgiving or after , and have to maintain it for 6 weeks before I become lifetime. I do hope to reach 120 at least once..but I know that I cannot maintain it, so it did not seem reasonable to make it my lifetime goal!

For really fun stuff. One of my friends asked to see photos of my progress so far. Now, keep in mind my after photos will not be taken until December 15th, so I still have a little over a month. These are by no means my after photos, they were taken by my hubby on my outdated digital camera, so please take that into consideration. Plus, my hair looks limp and yucky after being in a ponytail all day. But, I love the lil black dress from Daffy's in NYC :)

Photos in the next post!!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

The home stretch....

I am entering the last month of the rev abs program, and I am so addicted to the gym, and the diet plan, that I am hoping I can continue it through the rest of my life. I am only 5 lbs away from my WW lifetime weight goal..and then 10 lbs from my final goal that I may or may not be able to retain forever.
I have plans to join a new gym in NYC in Jan, and am leaning towards Equinox, though I am open to suggestions. I have already been a member of NYSC, and would like to try a new gym :)

Today we worked on some new abs exercises with the ball, and I just happen to have one at home, and never knew what to do with it! Now I know. I can set up a small gym area at home, and continue some of the exercises while watching tv too!

Monday we have our second test, and I hope that my training has gotten me far enough to do 10 pushups and at least a minute of booty time, or a deep squat with arms crossed, and a bar level beneath the chin.

I feel stronger, and healthy. So I guess I am ready for anything.

Have a fab weekend,

Monday, November 3, 2008

A new month, a new motto!

Welcome to November, the cold, and finally: the election.

So my goals for November are pretty simple. Lose 5-10 more lbs, give 100% in class everyday, eat only the foods that are in my lunchbox, and do my sprints a few times a week.

Other than that, enjoy the cool wind, crisp nights, and keep myself busy! I put my social life on the side while I do this program, but I am really looking forward to going out tomorow night. I won tickets to see "Speed the Plow" and am taking my mom. I cannot wait!

I will let you know how it goes :0)

Thursday, October 30, 2008

It is officially 25!!!

So even though it is "that week" in my cycle, and my health is at about 95%, I got on the scale after the steam room yesterday, and I lost another 2 lbs last week/beginning of this week....bringing my grand total to 25 this week! I am officially a size 6..and hope to be a 4 by December. I would like to lose another 15, but will be really happy with my next 5 ; reaching my original weight watcher's lifetime goal. As for the workouts, they are fab. I started keeping track of my stats: calories burned, time on the treadmill, and have a chart. We started to do sprints , and I will explain them in my next post!

Tomorrow is Halloween, and I have my costume already to go, AND it looks like the weather in NYC may cooperate for once. If I am having a "skinny "day, I will take some photos so you can see my progress, though I am waiting for the big reveal in December, and will take some pinup shots/bikini shots then! Something to look forward to.

Also, starting tonight I will be resurrecting my shoe blog, which I have abandoned due to my gym obsession. I have bought a bunch of new shoes/boots for the Fall, and have some new pairs that I am saving up to buy as well..When it is ready, I will post a link to that here (probably tomorrow am ).

Until then, stay healthy...stay away from the Halloween candy, eat an apple instead. Off to make some oatmeal.. YUM YUM

a very satisfied,

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Ah Monday, back to the gym!!!

Today it was back to the gym..and even though I am still not 100% health-wise, it certainly felt good to sweat. I moved my weights up for lunges etc.. to 10 lbers, instead of the 7 and 8s that I was relying on when I was sick. I hope to be up to 12's by November.

Also, when I went home to Beacon this weekend, I tried on my last 2 pairs of skinny jeans that I could not even fit one leg into a few months ago. My 28 Hudson Jeans fit!! I couldn't believe it, and proceeded to dance around the house in some tight, skinny jeans. Duncan said they looked great, and my confidence went sky rocketing up.

We went to Target (I had a gift card burning a hole in my wallet) presumably to check out the Anya Hindmarch bag collection..but instead I tried on a Teen's Medium red plaid dress and it fit! And looked cute. I bought a couple pairs of black tights, and am ready for some real shopping soon!!!

After all, it is my responsibility as an American to help the economy out by doing some damage to my

Until tomorrow,

PS I figured out how to make buttons and widgets..feel free to copy and paste or send to friends...thanks for your support!!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Home in the Rain...

Ahhh it is nice to be home. Home sweet home. I haven't been in the house for almost 2 weeks because we had our carpet torn out, and hardwood floors put in. And, it looks gorge!

As for my health, I feel better. Still not 100% , but the congestion is much lighter than it has been, and I feel well enough to go to the gym, and do my workouts. I came home to attend the Zombie walk in Beacon, and it got rained out..and by rained out , I mean poured buckets out. It is just raining and raining up here!

Tomorrow I head back into the city with some winter clothes, boots, etc. and get to hang out with D, before he heads back up to Beacon for his day off.

Monday, it is back to the grind! This week, my goal is to workout at 100% everyday, and do at least 2 extra hours of cardio, if not three!

I want to lose at least 7 more lbs in November. And then the last 10 before January.

Not too bad of a goal I think. Now, let us see if I can do it!

Friday, October 24, 2008

I am aliiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiive....

Phew...ok , now that I got that out. I have missed two days of workouts..ugh. And boy, do I feel blah about it.

Tomorrow I head back to the gym after I took 2 days off this week for much needed sicky bed rest, doctor's orders. Last night I got a full 8 hrs of sleep, and today I could smell, taste and hear for the first time in a week.

I have to go full force for the second half of this diet, and get to my first goal of 130 lbs. Then try for the second goal of 120. I will probably maintain at about 125-130 as long as I am toned..and my tummy gets as flat as it can be.

I tried on my Halloween costume yesterday, and bought the wig at Ricky's today, and it is really small ...tiny. I may or may not take photos in it depending how I feel that day.

Tomorrow should kick my butt in a good way, so I am gonna head into bed in a few for another full night of sleep.

Just wanted to let you know I live. And breathe. Even if I still have to take nasal spray to make that happen.

Have a good one. Stay healthy.


Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Trying to stick with it, and stay healthy.

I am still sick. Can you believe it. I am eating healthier than I ever have. I workout almost every day, and am in the best shape in years. And yet, I cannot beat this congestion. I took the antibiotics the doctor prescribed for the five days, and last night had the worst night of sleep, or lack of sleep in a long time. I tossed and turned, sat up, tried to read myself to sleep, and despite all the best efforts, and lots of nasal spray, could not find a comfy spot on the pillow to rest my head. Finally, sitting straight up with a pile of pillows supporting me, exhausted I gave in to sleep somewhere in the middle of the night. Ugh!

I called the doctor this morning , and am going back in tomorrow to see him again, hopefully he will give me something stronger to get rid of the congestion which makes sleep impossible. In the meantime, I am resting in between workouts, eating my diet food, and not really exerting myselft. But, I want to have fun too! Friday night, I have an Allure night of beauty planned at the Chanel and Mac counters, and then hopefully a fun night out on the town with some friends.

IF i feel better :(

We started to rev up the program this week. And, yesterday we were warned that if we wanted to cheat, we should do it now, and not next month, when we were going to have strict diet orders and harder workouts. We had a class on Sat am that taught us sprint intervals on the machines (which i loved)..and my time should be maximized when I am working out alone. I will give you a link to my spreadsheet or copy it to here so you can see what I am doing.

In the meantime, drink some OJ, take your vitamins, workout and stay healthy. And for landsakes, do not get what I have


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Almost Halfway through the program...

Hey all-
Time for a catch up! I am almost halfway through the program..and feel like I am having a bit of a setback. No, I am not cheating diet-wise...and I am still going to the exercise workout 6 days a week..but I made the mistake of getting a flu shot on Monday, and have felt like crap ever since. I am having trouble breathing, my nasal passages are stuffed up, and because of this- I cannot sleep well.

Yesterday and today, I felt like I did about an 80% exercise rate, rather than the usual 100% I put in, but hopefully I won't gain any of the weight back..and by Monday I will be myself again.

In the meantime, I am used to eating small portions 5 times a day..and even though I still get cravings for Pinkberry, and random bread items like bagels...I am not that hungry.

The exercise portion has been revved up , and we now have an anthem. When I have a bit more time, I will post examples of the workouts, and what order we go through them. I really like going to class, and I don't want to miss any just because I am sick.

Anywho..I will let you know when I feel better...stay well and stay healthy...


Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Goodbye 140s...

Hello all:

How is my diet going ?? Great!! Aside from a few hunger pangs here or there, I feel great. Friday , I passed the 140s heading into the 130s and I do not intend to ever go back

The exercise is still hard, but in a good way. I love to sweat, and achy legs make me feel like I am working hard.

Last night Tuesday, I took a fabulous hour and a half yoga class that was in candlelight, and no talking. Mozart played for the class and we did our postitions and followed the teacher to the music. It was a beautiful experience , and made me feel grounded.

This weekend, I am heading up Mt Beacon with some friends from the Rev Abs group..and I cannot wait to hike in nature. I looove hiking, I just never seem to have enough time for it lately.

I will take photos at the top!

More later..Stay strong and stay healthy.

Saturday, September 27, 2008

I made it to 20!!!! WOOHOOOOOOOOOOO

Yesterday, I signed back up for Weight Watchers and set my lifetime goal (10 more lbs). I stepped up onto the scale apprehensive about losing weight, but silly me: I lost almost 3 more lbs and am now 140!!!! I have made it to my 20 lbs loss mark, and now I only have 10 more to go to be a WW lifetime member and reach my personal goal. I really want to get to 120, but at 130 I will look healthy and strong, and feel great, and it will be easier to maintain. I feel healthy, and I feel pretty, and I just feel wonderfully today! Breakfast was amazing, waking up next to my hubby was really nice, and maybe the sun will follow suit, and come out and play for a little while.

Saturday's are fun REV Abs days..we usually have a kickboxing bend to the workout, which is fun, and energetic. I feel so good sweating, and really I just love getting my butt kicked.

I think people are starting to notice the change in my body too, which is a good feeling, as I have been receiving positive feedback from a lot of people. I feel great, and cannot wait to head back up to Beacon for my day off Sunday, to rest and regroup and possibly apple pick (if it does not rain).

The food is more manageable now, and I dont think that I will be going back to the huge meals that I used to eat. I like these small regular meals, and although it takes more planning, I will probably be snacking more like this when the program is finished.

Here is yesterdays food:

Lunch: Coconut Ginger Chicken with shitake mushrooms , snow peas and broccoli (double yum).
Turkey salad with chopped red onions, over fresh arugula greens

Spinach stuffed tilapia over a bed of escarole

and for breakfast today:
French toast with turkey bacon and sugar-free syrup ..YUMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

in a bit: Egg Salad with chopped celery.

Then I work out...come back to the apt and Duncan and I will take the pups home for some R&R. Have a fabulous weekend...


Friday, September 26, 2008

Dairy and Berries and Quinoa, oh my!!

Howdy from rainy NYC!

I have been doing the REV Abs program for almost three weeks, and I am in the groove. The workouts are getting harder, and my body still aches, but I am loving it. The food is getting more filling, and this week dairy, fruit and grains, as well as carbs/starches were added, so I feel less deprived and more full, and strong.

As of Monday, I have lost nearly 6 lbs, and 2.5 inches off of my waist. I do not know my measurements for my other areas (bust and hips) , but I am happy with the results so far.

I am not sure if I will be weighed in tomorrow..but surely will let you know. For now I will just have to have faith that it will work, and it is working.

Food today was great! I will go backwards this week:


Breakfast: Fresh Strawberries/Blueberries and low fat cottage cheese (finally)

Lunch: Shrimp Salad with chopped celery over mesclun greens and broccoli

Chicken pinwheels sliced and served over arugula (stuffed with aspargus and red pepper yum)

Turkey with sauteed red peppers and seasoned quinoa and (cauliflower)


Scrambled eggs with spinach , served with turkey sausage

Turkey mini meatballs

Herbed seared chicken with roasted fennel , and cucumber slaw

Spinach salad with chopped egg, and sugar free rasp vinagrette ..very good!!

Citrus infused orange roughy served with bok choy

Cinnamon zested Oatmeal yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmy

Homemade chicken and cauliflower soup (phenomenal)

Lean ground turkey sauteed with mushrooms served over mashed potatoes and broccoli rabe
Edamame salad with asian veggies

I cant remember dinner (oops)


Egg white popover

Celery sticks and chive cream cheese

Fajita chicken with peppers and onions served with homemade salsa

Buffalo chicken salad

Lime marinated turkey cutlet with black beans and broccoli

Sounds delish...and yum

Stay healthy...


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Saturday and Sunday flew by....

Well..(phew), I made it through another weekend without cheating!! Woohoo...although this morning when I woke up, I did start to think about those BIG NYC brunches that we used to eat!

Instead, I warmed up my asparagus,cauliflower and egg white popover (for the 2nd time this weekend) added a dab of hot sauce and ate it in front of the computer catching up on fashion news!!

Yesterday, I had the day off from the workout to help my mom with a HUGE yard sale at the Stormville Airport...and Duncan and I brought a table, and sold some of our junk too(we made $60). It was fabulous being outside all day, but I did not expect the strong sun, and have a very bad sunburn on my arms, hands and chest (owies!).
My only weakness came at the end of the day (2pmish) when for the 6th hour of wafting sweet dough smells continued to torment me (from the Fried Dough tent across from our spot).I had had it, and kept leaving the table to "take a walk". Ugh!!

Today will be easier as I am taking the train to the city tonight, and am ready for our official weigh in, measurements and back into the swing of things tomorrow. I will report back then, (hopefully with all good news).

Food from the past couple of days:

Kale and sundried tomato eggwhite popover (not my fave, I dont really care for sundried tomatoes that much, and the kale is a little strong for breakfast)

Veggie burger with button mushrooms (absolutely delicious, really good veggie burger)

Tuna salad over fresh baby spinach with hardboiled egg white and crudites (yeah!!)

Balsamic chicken strips with salad (not too bad cold)

Shrimp Provencal served with escarole (absolutely wonderful, the shrimp dishes have been my fave so far)

Popover with cauliflower and chopped asparagus (have three of these for sat, sun and mon breakfast, this is for tomorrow breakfast)

Homemade turky and veggie soup (YUM) for sunday as well

Rosemary chicken with chickory and diced tomatoes

Turkey meatballs with veggies (really wonderfully spiced and yummy!)


Cauliflower and asparagus popover (ate this cold at the yard sale)

Lentil salad (yummy again)

Wild Salmon Salad over mesculn

Veggie chili with chick peas and broccoli (spicy and fabulous)

Shrimp with veggies (in a wonderful faux scampi sauce)


My 2nd asparagus popover (ugh)added hot sauce today and warmed it up.

Turkey and veggie soup (saved one for tomorrow and switched days)

The rest to be eaten tonight!!

Heading out for the train soon...

Stay well and stay healthy!! Keep on point and add some more walking this week!!


Friday, September 19, 2008

Unofficial Weigh-In today...

So today was our first unofficial weigh-in to check our progress. Unfortunately, we could not get into the exercise room until right before class, so we had to get weighed in right after our workout, and the exercise probably affected our results. Anywhichway, I lost more weight, and weighed in at 142. WOOHOOOO!!! I have lost 18 lbs since I started my diet adventure, and 6 just in the past two weeks, I am so stoked! Now, next week, we are supposed to get more calories, so I am afraid my results may slow down a bit, but even if I lose just 1-2 lbs a week, I will be happy. Then, when I am 10-15 lbs away from my goal weight, I will join Weight Watchers, and hopefully become a lifetime member to keep me on track.

Today, I had a crap-load of food to pickup, three days worth. So I will have a big laundry list on my next blog!!! I had the most delicious meals yesterday..really yum!

Stay healthy, and have a fabulous weekend,

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Getting into the rhythm of it now...

Today is a week and a half on the diet and new exercise plan, and simply put: I love it!!

My body aches in a good way..I have a blister on my left heel that will not heal, and my back is killing me, but I still love it!!

I am really adjusting to the portions, and although the 6th meal has been removed , I am not super hungry at night. I still lust after the idea of a latte at Starbucks, and I have been avoiding my friendly neightborhood Pinkberry on purpose, but my sugar cravings have abated.

Today's lunch was sooo delicious...I just have to share all the food...(really good).

Today (Wed)


Tofu/Veggie Chili over steamed broccoli , delish!! I added a bit of hot sauce to make it supa spicy!

Chicken stuffed with asparagus and zucchini, served with a cauliflower puree..this whole dish was soooo good...really excellent!! I loove cauliflower reminds me of mashed potatoes without the starch.

Turkey Marinara over chopped crunchy vegetables (i have not eaten this yet, but I am looking forward to it)

Pepper and chive scramble

Pre-lunch, preworkout:
Shrimp cocktail with sugar free cocktail sauce (yay!)

Now going back to Mon and Tues (so I can keep track):

Mushroom eggwhite omelet
Raw unsalted cashews
Roasted chicken with asparagus
Turkey and veggie soup
Lemon zested orange roughy with kale

and chicken salad with chopped celery.

Tues (back to 5 meals):
Spinach, scallion and fresh basil popover
Chicken cucumber yellow pepper and basil salad
Chicken with swiss chard
Turkey burger with homemade slaw
Horseradish crusted salmon with steamed broccoli


I cant wait to see how much weight I lost this week, on Friday :)

Stay well and stay healthy :)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My worst weight fear...

As you know, my worst fear right now with this plan is gaining weight. Or, at least regaining the weight that I am losing. SO you can imagine my disdain when late Sunday night Aunt Flo decides to make a visit, early!! Ugh. Knowing full well that I had a weigh in on Monday,( to make sure the weekend was not a bust), I anticipated that my weight would be up from bloating and water weight. But to tell you the truth, it really wasn't. So..I should be ok.

Today, with cramps and the usual monthly nonsense, I did not think I would get through the workout. But, I did. And it felt good. My whole shirt was soaked..all the way down to the butt, and boy was I sweaty. In a good way.

Friday , we get weighed in again..and our measurements will be taken. And starting next week we get FRUIT!!! woohoooo..although I may stay on the more strict diet if i can, since it is working.

I am officially no longer considered overweight for Weight Watchers and in just a little while will figure out my BMI!!!

Also, I will be back with my food lists so you can follow along.

Stay well and stay healthy,


Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday Morning Check In...

I got up and took Kundalini yoga this morning. It felt good to get up early, but now I have to stretch out my food for a longer period of time, lol. I had my egg whites this am..and then met my mom at Gold's Gym in Fishkill for a very small (4 people besides me) yoga class. It felt so good to just breathe and stretch and let my muscles rest. I feel lighter today for the first time, and fortunately or unfortunately as you see it, my favorite Seven Jeans are way too big!! I guess my mom or aunt will have some nice jeans soon. That makes 2 pair this week that are on my purge list!!

I am looking forward to another hard week of workouts, and may even start auditioning before I hit the 20 lb mark, since I feel better mentally. Although I do not have much to wear, lol.

Some of the girls at Rev ABS have been talking about having a get together and bringing all of our favorite healthy recipes when this is at its conclusion. I think that it is a great idea, and definitely have some fave WW recipes.

Also, I found this one today and wanted to share, since it is one of my fave dishes:

Veggie Nacho Nibblers
Cut 2 Bell Peppers into strips, then cut the strips in half. Put on a microwaveable plate. Sprinkle with 1/2 cup low fat cheese, or soy cheese and 1/8 tsp. crushed red pepper. Microwave for 1 minute or until cheese melts. (I would add salsa instead of the pepper because salsa is fat free!!!)

Sounds delish, and I am going to try it in December.

Stay well and Happy Weekend.


Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saturday Night is alright for dancing?? ugh..not me!!

I am enjoying lazing around on the couch, achy muscles and all. Today, I took the train in from Beacon to take daily class, and it was really fun. It had more of a kickboxing bend to it, and although my body needs a break, it was fun to push it to its limits.

Last night I cheated on the diet for the first time, and had a green apple. Well, it is not really cheating, we were told we could have green apples since they don't have a lot of sugar in them, and since I had two in the fridge, I could not resist!!

Today I feel pretty full, and am convinced that my stomach is probably shrinking, and I won't need as much food to feel full. In any case, they added an extra serving of protein to our diets, so we have 6 meals now. WOOHOOO!!

A rundown of today's meals as well as tomorrows. There are some new foods added including a yummy veggie burger with some kind of sauce...


Broccoli and cauliflower egg white popover (I added a bit of hot sauce)

Balsamic chicken with carrots (ate this on the train before class, like a good little student , I am trying to eat every two hours)

Veggie Burger with a piece of grilled eggplant. Delish. Ate this a couple of hours ago.

Chicken salad with chopped celery over greens! YUM!

Sesame crusted scallops with snap peas.

and the snack for the train ride home was a curried tofu salad , which I was delish!

Tomorrow, is my first day off from the workout since we started, but I am taking an 11 am yoga class with my mom..and then running a couple of miles, so my body can rest, but also keep the metabolism going.

Tomorrow's food:

Farmers scramble with farm fresh vegetables

White fish salad

Roasted turkey sliced over fresh baby spinach salad

Balsamic chicken strips

Coriander dusted chicken with broccoli rabe.

Sounds good to me, though I miss my sushi badly!

I also stopped at a cute new store on 5th ave on the way home after class, and treated myself to a new adorable workout tee. I will find the site and share it with you tomorrow. Have a good night, and stay healthy!


Friday, September 12, 2008

Aching muscles and a newfound lust for milk products??

I never thought that much about yogurt. I mean , it tastes good. I love it with fresh berries, and especially frozen yogurt. Pinkberry anyone? I did not realize how much I missed it until today. Day 4 without milk products of any kind. Until tonight. Much to my surprise, I opened one of my meal portions tonight, turkey chili with broccoli on the side, and there was a tiny container of some kind of cheese. Soy maybe?? Who cares...I put it in the microwave, melted it a tiny bit on the chili and the broccoli and it was delicious. Now all night I am having fantasies of frozen yogurt, soy milk shakes, nonfat ww shakes anything

Today was a particularly hard day. Besides it being September 11, which always puts me in a somber, sad mood anyway, my muscles ached, and I did not think I could make it through the exercises. Today they were revved up a bit faster, and harder..and wow did I hurt at the end of it all. But, thankfully, I did have time to go to the steam room after!! Woohoo...

Tonight , checking in at midnight, my legs are less achy and although I did slip a bit and make a Senseo (oooh i need a coffee every once in a while) I feel good.

I know tomorrow will be difficult, but I am excited. The workout makes me feel good , and I look forward to finding out what the meals will be.

Today :

Marinated Asian chicken kabob with sugar-free peanut sauce, and boy how delicious the peanut taste was. I ate every drop of the sauce.

Seasoned Baked Tilapia with steamed kale.

Turkey Chili over chopped broccoli with a side of soy cheddar. YUM CHHHEEESE!!!

I am saving my last snack for an early lunch tomorrow because I am meeting my friend, D for a lunch in the park!! I can't wait to see her :)

Breakfast tomorrow will be: asparagus and shrimp egg white omelet. Yum again..hehehehe.

Until tomorrow, stay healthy and have fun.


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Checking in the Night of "Day 3"

I am totally exhausted between the workout, and recording my Harlequin vampire book in two days. It was a fun read, but I am glad to concentrate solely on the workout tomorrow and explore the new gym. I may try to sneak in my camera tomorrow for some photos :)

So I am going to give you a rundown of the diet for the first 3 days, and the basic exercises. Basically, each day we concentrate on a new area, or type of workout, aerobic or anareobic. After three days of squats, jumping jacks, weight training, plank position, etc my butt hurts, my quads are sore, and my abs ache every time i take a good breath. It is a good burn, and I am really conscious of how my body feels now. I really love the workout, even if my clothes get soaked, and I feel gross halfway

I took my first epsom salt bath this morning, and will be taking another one tomorrow, my muscles really felt better after, and hopefully they will start to adapt to this workout regime.

Food for the first 3 days :(Keep in mind that I do not eat red meat, or pork)

Day 1:

Chopped zucchini and cauliflower egg-white omelet
All white chicken salad with chopped celery
Turkey burger with homemade coleslaw
Cucumber salad with fresh bell peppers and red onion
Orange roughy Provencal with artichokes and capers , serverd over escarole

Day 2:

Egg whites with chopped asparagus and roaster peppers (frittata style)
Unsalted raw macadamia nuts
South American seasoned chicken with broccoli rabe
Homemade veggie soup
Baked salmon with spinach and mushrooms

Day 3:

Egg white scramble with chopped broccoli and salsa
Tuna and cucumber salad in vinagrette
Argentine salmon over arugula
Raw almonds
Lemon thyme chicken with string beans and fennel

Yum to most everything. I especially love the way the fish has been prepared, as well as the greens.

You must notice that there is no sugar on this diet so far, and very low carb content. One of the hardest times/things for me to give up is my late night pretzel or popcorn fix. I really do love the weight watchers one point bars to end the night too, so I am used to something sweet. Also, giving up cereal , and yogurt with fruit is really really hard.

I hope I start to see the work on my body soon. You will be the first to know.

Stay well, eat healthy and feel good.


Monday, September 8, 2008

First Day of REV ABS, I made it through....

I am so excited to share with you the first day of my REV ABS program. The weekend went by in a blur, I was so focused on Monday and getting started. I got to the gym a couple minutes early, and the first thing we did was get our photos taken for our gym id's. Ugh, another "before" photo as far as I am concerned.

Then we were weighed again (I opted for my shoes and clothes on, so I weighed more), and then led to the large workout room to meet everyone, and especially our amazing trainer, Brett!

We were given a motivational speech, introduced to everyone involved and eventually we got our mats and began a hardcore 30 minute workout. Usually, it will be an hour, but because of the intros, we ran out of time.

Right away, I knew I was going to get my butt kicked. I love feeling my muscles ache, and the sweat pour down my face. Absolutely love it. We did circuits of several ab, back and cardio exercises, and I felt great when the half hour was over. I will tell you more in detail when I memorize the names of everything. For now, I know I have to perfect my plank to the point where I can lift a leg in back, or an arm in front and still maintain balance and tightness of the abs.

After our intro class, we lined up for another polaroid for Brett, so he can learn our names, and then our "lunchboxes".

I am sure like me, you would like to know what was inside my box??? Well, I will tell you. 5 meals. Small, portioned. Not sweet, not very salty. Delicious, protein based meals. And the snacks? Not what I expected..not protein bars, or apples with peanut butter. In fact, no fruit at all. Which worries me in the bathroom dep't. Ugh. Lets not go there.

By now, you may have the idea that I like sweets. And well I do. Even just a sweet taste in my mouth. Well, that is going to change. Because, nothing in the box is sweet.

Here is what was in it. 5 Tupperware containers with numbers on them. #3 is the one I ate first, as #1 and #2 are for tomorrow before class. #3 was a turkey burger (no bun) on a bed of lettuce (sauce on the side) and a side of homemade vinegar based coleslaw. It was pretty good, actually. I love turkey burgers, and eat them all of the time anyway, so this was a good choice for me. I put a bit of sauce on the burger, and warmed it up. YUM!

Then, I had more water. Water is key to any diet plan, or exercise regime, and I really try to always have some by my side, either in bottle or glass. I refill my bottles from my Brita, and I am good to go.

After class, and getting our food, I headed over to the Sports Authority and bought myself some new kicks, some pretty black Nikes for class. And some push up bars. I used a GC that I won from a sweepstake, so only had to shell out $11. woohooo..

Then, I met my friend M at the NYSC (I may give my membership up), to catch up on her life, and did a slow walk on the treadmill climber thing, burning just 250 calories. I don't want to tire my body in the beginning , or burn through too many of the calories for the diet. THAT is not the point. Mostly, I just wanted to catch up with her,and make it a social thing.

Back at home, I prepared my "snack" #1 for the night, and am eating it as I write this. It is a delicious Cucumber salad with fresh bell peppers and red onion. It is small, but yummy, and already I feel fuller. Is that a word? More full?? Whatevs...

I am psyched for dinner: Orange roughy Provencal, with artichokes and capers served over a bed of escarole. I can't wait for fish. I looove fish.

This will be my first night without a WW bar (peanut butter, choc rasp, or oatmeal) to finish off the meal with something sweet so I hope by hiding them, and clearing out pretty much everything else I will not stray. I WILL be strong...

Tomorrow I will tell you all about breakfast, and snack #2, which I will be eating tomorrow,as it is already 9 pm and I will have the fish at 10ish, before I head to sleep at 1.

Also tomorrow, I head to at 5pm to record a vampire book , so I wont be checking in right away, if I am exhausted. Until then, stay healthy.


Saturday, September 6, 2008

The Photo Shoot...

 Yesterday afternoon I had the photo shoot and first testimonial video for REV Abs. I walked in and from the very first second was amazed at how organized the entire shoot was. All of the   participants were handed a plastic bag for our outfits, and a clipboard to check each activity along the way.

First, I was led upstairs to pick out a sports outfit. Although I brought my own, (I have to confess) my idea of a workout outfit is black pants and a black t-shirt, or a dark colored tee, not the colorful choices that were hanging on the racks. Since I had cute (although a bit too small, and definitely not for public consumption)black with pink piping American Apparel daisy duke like cotton shorts of my own, we picked out a matching pink Nike sports bra from the wardrobe rack. Adorned with a black silky robe (again, such a colorful choice I brought from home) I tiptoed downstairs to get my outfit approved before heading into hair and makeup. I had put on my own makeup at home, since an email I received said to "come ready". My brows were penciled in a bit, my lipstick toned down, and my hair was pulled back into a ponytail.

Then, finally, I was ready for my before shots and stepped up to the pink tape on the floor. With the unflattering bright lights, and bare white wall behind me , how great could I look? UGH. I guess the worse I look before, the better I look after right?

Next, on to the jean portion of the photos. I picked out my size, and the jeans didn't produce enough of a muffin top, so I was told to put on a size smaller. I actually liked the tighter jean anyway, but hated the way my skin puffed over the side. More photos, and this time the movie camera moved in and I was asked questions about why I wanted to do the program, and what I wanted to get out of it. Of course I want nice abs, to lose weight, feel attractive and be proud of my body rather than hiding it with layers of fabric. I answered honestly and proudly of being picked and doing this!!

After the video portion, I changed back into the workout shorts for my measurements, which unfortunately I don't have copies of. I guess I will get a copy when the program is over, and I will find out how many inches I lose etc.. I did hear my bust size, which surprised me. I am a 38. And all of this time, I have been wearing 36dd bras :) OOPS!

I chatted a while with the program leaders and they answered my questions truthfully. I wanted to know if I could eat out in restaurants at all, and have Pinkberry once in a while, and they really do not want me to stray from the food supplied. I hope they have peanut butter energy bars once in a while. Boy, I am going to miss peanut butter.

On the way out, they gave me Omega 3 pills and a big bottle of chocolate protein powder, which we will start using after the first 2 weeks. Also, they handed out informational packets so I have a little more info on the entire program.

The abs instructor is Brett Hoebel and the leaders are Mike and Rachel.

I am so excited to start on Monday, but before I do I am having some pizza and ice-cream..they will be part of my Last Supper before I begin. (I know, naughty!).

I will keep you posted. Eat well and have fun and enjoy your weekend,

Friday, September 5, 2008

Checking In Before the "Before" Shoot.

I am heading out in a few minutes to the photo studio on 18th st, for the "before" photo shoot for REV ABS. I am nervous, especially if they choose the bikini from my outfit choices. I am bringing too tight jeans (their request), some cute workout shorts that I wont wear in public, and 3 bikinis from my past. I can't wait, but at the same time , I am super nervous, and a slight bit nauseous. EW! Let you know how it goes later tonight!

Thursday, September 4, 2008


So last night I made a list of all the things I needed to do to prepare myself for this new regime.

Slowly, I have been going through my clothes, and picking out items that are already too big (Bye Bye double digits, I am a size 8 now). One of the benefits of losing a large amount of weight will be the new clothes..OH I CANT WAIT!!! Mentally, I have already pictured myself in skinny Seven jeans, some skyscraper heels and new silk dresses, and a brand new suit. Something black. And pinstriped. Sexy, like Lipstick Jungle sexy!!

My first major cleanse, or purge, came in the form of gathering up all the "junk" that has been cluttering our pantry. Hubby claims we didn't have much "junk", but I took a photo to prove otherwise:


Where did all that candy come from?? Halloween Past? Secret Craving Stashes?


candy 2

Hubby is going to hide the box, and hopefully the junk is gone for good!!!

The second thing I put on my list, was to note my favorite foods and have small tastes of them. I especially love sweets, so strawberry pancakes, Pinkberry, Soft ice cream, Muffins and Pizza top the list. It will be difficult to completely give them up for life, so I need to find substitutions, or ways to incorporate the foods in a healthy way. Already, I have fallen for Lean Cuisines french bread pizza, and their butternut squash ravioli. YUM!

The third, is that I do not want to ignore my friends, or social activities because I cannot partake in partying. I still want to go to happy hour, fashion events, and parties, and need to figure out how to avoid naughty happy hour foods, and alcohol. I have given alcohol up entirely for the time being, and to tell you the truth it is not that much of a sacrifice. I have never been a big drinker, but do appreciate a good sour apple martini, or pomegranate drink once in a while. This may be a permanent decision, I am not sure yet.

I am sure the list will get longer on changed behaviors, and life choices. For now, I am just taking this one day at a time. Having a clean house, empty of junk will help immensely!!


Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Welcome to my Rollercoaster!! Hop in, Buckle up...

Joining the ride? Good. I just buckled myself in, and I am raring to go. Ready to take the world by storm. Prove that curvy,healthy women can be strong, not SKINNY, but strong! I am ready to be strong. And hey, since I am on this kick, I thought I would share. But there are soooo many questions..hmmmm where shall I start???

How did i get here? That is a good question. Sure it took time. Temptation. A little bit of laziness, a lot of comfortability. At the end of the day, my once well toned and curvacious body had become zaftig. Which is a nice way of saying I put on a whole bunch of weight. How much? At my heaviest, I weighed in at 160. (See photo)


This past last spring at I-CON. I tried to hide it with kimono dresses. But it is in there. Believe me, it is IN there.

Mind you, I was always a petite 5'4" girl. Back when I was studying dance, hanging out with my friends in clubs (dancing), single(not eating out in restaurants, unless on dates), and running around trying to get my career in order.

5'4" and 110. I weighed myself everyday in college. I had a weight chart next to my scale in my bedroom, and I weighed in everyday. I enjoyed being @107. But if I hit 110, I didnt eat for a day or two. Hey! I was young and stupid. And my metabolism was through the roof.

Now, I am quite a bit older. Married. Happy? Yes, I am blissful, but not with my appearance, or the way my skinny jeans fit. Or , should I say don't fit. So, I am embarking on an adventure.

Why am I blogging about it? Well.. I consider myself average. Pretty, yes, I am pretty, but pretty average. And maybe this blog will inspire women like me. Average women, who need a kick in the butt, some inspiration to lose 10,15 or 20 lbs. Not huge amounts, but just enough to feel tired, worn-out and well, less than average.

And I have the opportunity of a lifetime. I have been chosen to represent a new exercise program called REV ABS. I will be working on this new program for 3 months. Sept 8 ,2008-Dec 15 2008. I have three months to get my butt in gear. And my abs. The details?

Friday, I will find out how many details I can blog about this new program. I can tell you this. It includes a membership to a beautiful, exclusive gym in Midtown Manhattan:

The Sports Club LA 3 meals a day, 2 snacks and an hour a day with the trainer in a small group setting. If I can't lose weight with controlled food, and constant exercise, then when and how can I?? I do my "before " photos on Friday. If I can post one here, I will let you know. Otherwise, I will just add a recent photo that is accurate.

Just keep in mind,I weigh 146 lbs. I have lost 13 lbs on my own, by going to the gym and following the Weight Watchers principles. I want to lose 26 more. 26. That is a lot for my petite frame,but I am determined. And I need your support..and I want to support you.

Here we gooooooooooooooooooooooooo , it might be a bumpy ride, but I am ready and willing. And, determined.